long post !

kor zhunweng weilun driving -o-

pam & cherry !

3 guys ._.

zhunweng on ferriswheel ~

weilun on ferris wheel ~

kor on ferris wheel ~

simhuiting -o-
pamela soon ! aka mamanggee xD
running from war -.-
at war -.-
cherry drinking yakult ! xD

cute toddlers ! xD

waiting for family coaster ~
cherry flying/ twsiting ! xD

long post coming up :D ytd and today, hahaha ! funfun

escape ytd with ht cherry pam kor zhunweng weilun (:
woke at 10am, prepare & ate brunch and wen to alj mrt .
rched control station, noone there and waited for them to rch .
then slowly came, waited for cherry and sat train to pasir ris liao .
girls sat on floor play concentration, boys sat on chair, lol ~~
finally rch liao then walked to downtown, haha .
wen to escape and bought tickets, used nebocard discount, $7.50
lol, heng anniversary, adult ticket only cost $8.80 ~ hoho
wen in, rented locker first & stuffed everyting in .
& wen to play, hohoho ! forget whad we play first liao, haha .
but frm kor's blog we play pirate first ? lol, idk -o-
girls, boys diff row . whole ting kor still can style his hair, lol ! xD
then wen sit wet n wild ~ sat three times, with dk who and who ?
LOL, forget ;D but all 3times oso sat at th back, lol ~~
all dunwan get wet, so i sit, lol ~ xD queue oso very short .
3pairs 1 solo, aft sitting 1round wanted to go another round, lol
kor solo and stand at bridge take pics, zz . BLOCKED ;D yay ! xD
then wen playplayplay, only played pirate and wet n wild i tink ?
lol ~ aft girls played pirates, wen to find th boys at car there .
saw them driving and took pics xD hahahahahahaha !
& wen to haunted hse tgt, kor dint wen in ._. lol ~
wen in not so scary, lol . but middle quite scary liao, haha .
but last part was omg ! was going to rch th door liao .
then suddenly i feel someting following me and i turn behind .
saw a 'ghost' wear mask scare me & i was holding onto a bottle .
wen th 'ghost' came idk i just whack ?! LOL xD
then he took off his mask and stand there ouch, haha xD
saw his face & is th one who opened th door for us ~ ._.
lol siah, hit liao faster run incase he wear back his mask follow me .
haha ~ finally came out laughing like siao xP
& wen burger king, dint bought anyting but just koup ht's fries .
hehe, cherry started take picture and zao ~ lol :x
girls wen out walk walk first, cuhs noone eating liao .
then boys came out, ht weilun zhunweng played war with a lil girl .
lol ! th girl own siah -.- stand dwn there scorched by sun, dint play ~
-o- war finish, & wen sit ferris wheel with pam and cherry (:
aft playing walked to e!hub, chopchop hand so can go back again .
rched there, found bowling centre and waited there .
lol, so sian there ._. walk walk ard & wen back sit .
suddenly got 2 nebo promoter come approach us, lol ~
they only disiao huiting & cherry cuhs they dint have nebo, zz .
weilun thot they were con-ed by some weird guy, LOL ._.
finally have lane, dint play, 5ppl play, pam ht alankor zw weilun .
watched them play ~ xD kor so unlucky, haha ~~~~
weilun go anyhow throw wen is kor turn and wen in gutter,
then kor revenge and throw back helped weilun spare instead, lol !
bowl finish, wen back to escape (: saw teentitans !! hahaah xD
then waited for cherry to play finish th flyer ting,
& all wen to play flipper i tink . oso played wet n wild few more times .
haha, all rides sat at th back, wet like shit xO
funfun ~ & wen to sit pirate again to make ourself dry .
omg cold ~ ._. th wind blowblow, lol ~~ sat 2 times .
2nd time kor like nt feeling well & going vomit liao, hope he's ok ~
then wen to e!hub again, called papa & they say they at bowling .
lol, pam gtg aft her dad came to pick her up .
rest of them wanted to eat dinner, wen to gave papa nebocard first .
met with th boys, they say nth eat ._. lol ~ then dint eat,
pei them to th taxi and wen off to pei papa&korkor at bowling .
at there cold like omg ._. stood there shaking and teeth chattering .
lol ~~ finally wen back home, quickly bath and watch tv, mwuha !

yay ! finished ytd de xD
hm, today had band, woke at 8am . prepared and wen for band ~
rched at 8.30++am & saw two sickly person ._. pam and ht .
lol ~ yeah im healthy ;D MWUAHAHAHAHAH !
bandbandband, march and play, keep forgetting a bar xP
hehe . marched finished, break & sectionals .
flutes oboe clarinets with mrsamuel at bandroom sectional .
sectional over, fall out and slowly walked to coffeeshop .
saw msvoo ! OMG, xD so fated . but gt alot other tchers there ~
dint talked quite much, lol . & saw huang laoshi, p4 tcher, haha .
talked abit and wen to sit, just drank milobing, chatchat abit & rot ?
then pam say wanted to go home ._. hugged her and stop, haha xD
ask huiting to help me take my wallet, file, clarinet, but zz
she go pass my wallet, end up in weilun's hand ._.
used clarinet and hit his back :x oops, ps xD sorry mamanggee !
dun angry xD haha . got back wallet and wen to bus stop .
called weilun rahul and kor, then weilun and rahul wen swimming ~
lol, then kor came, walk to ht's hse and waited for her to prepare .
finally go salon, bored there ._. look at books there awhile, so bored
wen out of salon and wen walk ard with pam & kor .
walk here walk there, back to mac there, then kor wen off .
wen to bbt shop slack with pam, chatchat abit .
till ard 6pm and came home ~ and im blogging !

omg, waste my time write so long T-T