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pua dou

so suay today, pua dou on both legs while was playing catching somehow -.-
actually not pain de, but ltr played bball then wanbao & i fell down,
then i oso ran up and down th stairs, bend down to open locker
& put shannen's bball in locker -.-
now oso very pain le, bend leg more pain . how to bath ! ._.

lol ~ school as per normal, got back maths commontest, 41.5/50 !
lots of careless mistakes oso -.- aft sch, lunched and play and pua dou ~
went for band, sectional at 6th floor, sat lift up :D
then sectional over, full band till 7+, fallout & went to coffeeshop .
w/ jaslin and pamela, waited for jaslin to eat finish her fried rice,
& came home hobbling !

right leg w/ wanbao's hand !

left leg !!!

maths common test

maths common test today, so hard ! last question my answer is correct !
yay, but tink will only get ans mark, haha . then th rest all anyhow do le .
school, chapel was sleeping again ~
aft school ate lunch and went for band, boring -o-
band over fall out in drizzling rain, saw rainbow !
super chio eh, haha (:

video of GM band playing @ RP ! (taken by cherry :D )

phyllis with my ugly kite & a roll of strings, haha

rainbow !

drawing of tsunayoshi =D

tuesday .

miss voo is squidward ! hahaha

english common test today ! long long compo to write, wrote Q4 .
got back sw compo test, got 18/30, got 1 mark deducted for format D:
aft common test had pe, played netball, then recess & lessons as per normal ~
gem time went to wesley hall for 百万大赢家, not fun de ..
aft sch, wanted to play bball with shannen&jaslin but was raining .
ms cheng agreed to lend us bball if not raining -.-
then shannen left, went to mrl slack and went to canteen .
saw kor and huiting, then slack around, went to ask ms cheng .
but she dw lend us bball D: so evil ~
went to bbt there, ate pocky & aft awhile walked to mrt .
then jaslin turn behind and say," is that who i suppose is ? "
and saw miss voo !! <3 yeah haha, then walked tgt to mrt .
keep chatting :D so fun haha, miss voo says im spongebob !
she is squidward ! pamela is patrick ! LOL ! xD
board same train, got off at kallang . ms voo dw tell me where she lives at ~
i know is Bikini bottom O: ! squidward lives at …

La Sinfonie d' Amis

La Sinfonie d' Amis concert rocks today @ republic poly !
so fun haha, was th last band to play - merrywidow & that thing you do .
woke at 5.45, bathed, left house for mrt, waited damn long train nvr come,
then jaslin 's mum came to drive me to mac also, thanks :D !
reach le saw huiting pam and wl . shared hotcake with jaslin .
eat finished went to school, school gate wasn't open yet .
open le went in, fall in & headed for rp, fall in there again .
bunked in at th changing room, ate and soundcheck-ed, foundout someting !
changed to full band uni, waited for our turn to play,
super nervous when playing but still managed to play :D
aft performance, comment from ms ho principal .
back to changing room to pack up, fall in outside rp and headed back to gm .
put back clarinet & fall out, went to eat dinner at hawker near ntuc ~
& came home !


just reach hooome !
school as per normal, except it's thinking day & christina's bday !!

Hey hey hey, it's thinking day,
hey hey hey, it's thinking day,
hey hey hey, it's thinking day,
all over the world it's thinking day ~

in Mexico, it's thinking day,
in Switzerland, it's thinking day,
in Canada, it's thinking day
All over the world it's thinking day !

haha, kept singing :D got back hist test paper, 10.5/20 -.-
then sch end, band started at 3 today ~
went there set up clarinet and went up hall .
pracprac, slack during break & ran around . Happy birthday Christina !
cherry bought a ticket from me, yay ! finally sold 1ticket .
thanks xD pracprac till 6+ pack up and back to bandroom .
helped moved chairs back, atlast carried 3 chairs in a go :D
during fall out, need bagcheck cause sharon lost her wallet during band .
bagcheck le fall out, atlast her wallet was found near th whiteboard -.-
no comment, lol ~ then went to coffeeshop w/ pam jas amelia ht weilun…


school was boring today ~ forgotten what happened .
science test got 28.5/30 yay ! but geo test 10/20 ~ -.-
aft school ate & went to chungcheng high main school (cchms) by taxi .
so big woh, basketball court, soccer court, big big pond !
went to multi-purpose hall, teacher came to brief us about 读书会 .
so boring -.- 5pm over le, walked out to take bus 40 to alj mrt .
ohmygod lol, board train and came home .

it hurts you know .cant you just tell me th truth ..? cant hold on much longer ..


hello ! sci was quite boring today, dint have th ws ! mr tay dw give me D:
pe played netball, not fun de .. then recess & lessons, super boring esp. eng aft school, ate lunch, went to mrl to do abit hw and print HE . went to bandroom, so little ppl ~ wanwen left early, atlast got jassie huiyan huiting jaslin me zhijie yongliang weilun william . quite fun, anyhow playplayplay :D but zhijie nvr play, so miss out parts xD aft band went huiting's house to get bball & played till 7 . jaslin huiting and me, haha . quite fun oso, ran alot haha . bus-ed 63 and came home ! ankle abit pain ah ..

ahpunehneh dinner on sunday ! :X


slept at 2am last night, couldnt get to sleep & it was like so hot ! x.x
morning preparing to go out of house heard someone screaming,
think it came from th lift -.- super scary, looked around saw noone .
realised th lift stuck at 9th floor, think a child's trapped inside ._.
used th other lift and called th lift breakdown service to open th lift .
good thing im nt stuck inside, or else i will freak out -.-
went to school, HE did nutty cookies, total failure !
even cut my pinkie accidentally ! shannen drop my 7cookies D:
so i will get to eat her cookies, yay me +.+ ! haha
music, listened to beethoven's music pieces, mrsim explained abit .
art, msleng helped me restructured th kite & somehow i think my kite can pass .
LOL, but sure cant fly, haha . fly on th ground instead ! :D
then lessons, all so boring . ate lunch and went for band w/ wanwen .
slack & sectional, playplay slackslack, stood in th rain for awhile .
went back for full band by weilun, super weird -.-
band over, fall…

happy valentines


and also happy black friday/ total defence day !
total defence game, each group 1person to draw and their group guess,
phyllis went up to draw first & i started guessing .
got th choco first, yay ! :D then drawdraw, our group again, i went to draw .
and phyllis guessed correctly and got th choco oso, haha .
then relief teacher for science, read finish redskyinthemorning !
so nice :D then recess, ate biscuit, no milo to drink ~
relief for cme, eng ms yee came, relief for maths, no hcl !
english sucks, need do compo on Happiness ?! -.-
released at 1.15pm again while normal cl still got class !
so shiok haha, then went to coffeeshop eat .
& went to dabao fries for phyllis and shannen,
waited damn long, and rushed back school to com lab3 .
sat outside waited for phyllis shannen to eat their lunch, haha .
career guidance sooooooo boring, mr chin walk here walk there .
i can be a Kindergarten Principal & Lecturer leh !! haha
careerguidance over . went to cla…


lazy to blog yo, wore new shoes to school today cause of wet old shoes .
ankle hurt like dk what, wearing back old shoes !
teachers mostly at sec3 camp, been slacking at classes .
forgotten to bring home my eeug, godblessme .
black friday & total defence tml, bless everyone !! -o-
oh and band ends at 6 ? i tink, byebye .


HE test today, no nuttycookies to eat ! mstoh say next week D:
music, presto presto adagio adagio ~
art, my crumpled kite has got alot of holes, haha .
took maths retest, scored fullmarks yay :D !
then hcl, did compo but didnt complete . ate lunch & went for band .
sectionals, sian . watching gb marching, so cool ~
went to sec1 audition there slack awhile, ms johnson came .
back to practice again ~ bang wanwen -o- !
fall out, band ended at 5.10+pm, slack at bbt shop .
chatted with wenxuan (she calls herself baobei), so cute haha !


mygod ~~ ~o~ OKAY BYEBYE


hello, haha, noone came D: so sad .
lol, random ! that's all for today, HE test tml + nutty cookies !
byebye -o-

ahgong jia

baaaaaaaaah, went to ahgong house today,
did maths ws, helped abit in dinner, steamboat dinner again :D
fishball meatball ! ate quite alot, haha .
then watched tv, medicine started to take effect, so sleepy -.-
sat on chair, couldnt get to sleep . went to aunt's bed to sleep instead .
lie there awhile and finally slept till 10+pm xD
woke up, watched tv for awhile and left ahgong house le,
papa drove cousin back home, reached home, changed & left house again .
for jogging ! jogged from upper boonkeng to whampoa for 20mins .
dint stop till reach overhead bridge, too wobbly to run up last few steps TT
walk for th rest of th bridge, walk 1round and started walking back .
reaching home, papa wanted us to jog to th exercising place -.-
kept stopping cause legs really no str loh, hoho .
exercised awhile and came back home, ate medicine & bathed .
hair is still wet ~ ._.


medicines medicines ~ @.@
nvr went to school today as well, but went for band !
haha . met mama at canteen, got my 2days homework, thanks phyllis ~.~
my eye isnt so red le & also thanks to all who cared !
band, woodwinds' sectional at first, played last part of merrywidow,
then full band, fall out, came home -o-


ho, just went to see doctor, got mc for 2days .
more medicine @.@ 2 eyedrops and 1 pill de for dk what .
rawrh, nt going IT enrichment oso, lol ~
clarinetist audition for band ytd, audition for our embouchure .
4 ppl got thru, robia yuyue priscilla and me ! luckylucky =D

happy belated birthday yanny !!
sorry dint get your present yet :X


boo, down with cough flu sorethroat still, nw my right eye is red D:
fever on friday night, slept and no more fever loh ~
sat bandexchange at yuying sec school, wow their band :O
sun rot at home till night time, went to hougang cc to lao yusheng .

today, sch as per normal, he remedial aft sch, cooked meat stew .
only 9people went on time, others came at 2.30, mstoh chased them out -.-
shiok eh, 1 person 1 unit, except yuyue . then cook cook cook =D
cooked le, came back home .

concert/syf clarinet audition tml !! omg, hope can get into loh .___.
changing IT enrichment ting to thursday oso ~

macaroni cheese

meat stew o-o