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SGEM this morning w/ phyllis and sheryl presenting,
dint cheer cause noone was cheering :X
lessons lessons, had pw talk during gemtime .
ate lunch & went for band . practice practice practice ~

1 last dayappox. 12 hours to SYF !
gogo jiayou, hope we do well ! :D


yooooo, short post : lessons & band today .
was laughing like mad at sectionals but jason got angry :X
oops, sorry sgt 544 ! forgive and forget ~~

2more days to SYF, jiayou !!!! :D


dint post ytd, was too lazy & tired .

woke at 6.50am, almost forgotten that there was school -_-
chionged bath and went to school at usual time .
lessons lessons, had lunch outside school cause there was no stalls,
all staffs including teachers went to science centre for course ?
had to eat outside school, ate at mac and came back .
lunch, setup and went to wesley hall to prac & band over .
met with shannen and shuting for bball, couldnt get th boys out .
played with ourselves, jaslin pua dou O:
then play play play & came home !

no sec2 band members went for th methodist walk,
haha how cool . all agreed not to go (:
was supposed to meet shuting at 11, but i wasnt ready :X
then shuting had to go for her tuition if not she'll be late ..
bathed le, jaslin came over . went to market to pei her eat .
came up cause jaslin wanted to study and do homework .
ended up left no time, haha . then went to band,
practicing at wesley hall, super cold & hungry O:
only ate a ham bread fo…

cross country

woke at around 5.10am, bathed and went to kallang mrt .
started waited at 5.45 until 6am, jaslin came, bfore th first train came ._.
shuting told us to meet at payalebar mac @ 5.50am,
but she went to school for prefects' duty if not she'll be late .
reached there, saw that mac wasnt open . thot it was 24/7 de :X
then went to mrbean, waited for th pancakes to get cooked,
bought 2 cheese pancakes for me and shuting .
saw gigi, she came in to buy 1 too, haha . then chatted awhile,
rushed to simsville to meet with shannen & phyllis .
but they were at th toilet, then just nice saw zhunweng,
and got in xP ! dint know our way around, haha .
finally found shannen, her mum drove us there, thanks :D
got off at 7-11 there, walked to th meeting place & found shuting !
then assemble, briefing, devotion & etc .
saw bao at th platform there arranging trophies & then .. throwing ! xD
C division girls was first up to run,
went to asked ms johnson if we could run, aft long while then she agreed…


gah, sleepyhead this morning . went to sch looking ghastly O:
lessons, recess, chapel : sleeping again .. mscheng kept asking phyllis up !
haha xD then maths, geo, hcl . ate lunch and went for band .
pushed th marinebars up tgt with bao again, haha .
then borught up clarinets &etc, full band prac till 6.35pm .
crosscountry tml, going by shannen's mama car :D whee, thanks ~
tml's crosscountry gonna walk tgt as a band ! haha shiok .

saturday got band prac from 1 to 5pm !

subject combination talk

super early luhs, haha . woke at 4.30am, bathed & got ready .
went to kallang stadium to eat breakfast, we're th 3rd customers !
wow, we finally went there after saying so long. haha :D
ate sasuage mcmuffin, eat till around 6.25, went off .
papa drove korkor home first cause i complained it's too early,
then papa drove me to school, followed by jiejie .
reached school, went toilet & saw shannen, haha .
went to canteen and saw faith1-1 2008's gathering, including phyllis !
then shuting came and went to do prefect duty, xiner, pamela came .
jaslin latest ! xP went up hall for SGEM at 7.25+am,
assembly . then lessons as usual ~ had lunch from 1.15-1.45 .
had gemtime, went wesley hall for subject combination talk,
was sleeping there again when diff teachers came to brief about each subj..
after talk was looking for jaslin w/ shuting and shannen,
but at last found out she went home le, lol . pangseh TT
went to singpost w/ shuting & shannen, had loads…

soundcheck @ SCH

soundcheck @ SCH, went to sch wearing sch uni, band skirt, band boots . look funny, esp when my band skirt is damn long O: had 3periods of HE theory in th morning, super boring . mstoh couldnt find anything more to say, she started scolding us -_- had recess, ate prawnmee, changed and went for music lesson . went to bandroom and set up clarinet, then mrsamuel came . run thru both songs, went to outside general office there . need to clip up hair ! clip at th side oso cnnt, must pin everyting up . they say on syf they will gel our hair up so it will sparkle, zomg ! ._. went there in bus looking damn weird, run thru th songs again . aft 1hr, we had to leave there . then sat bus came back . was dismissed from bandroom, dint go anywhere & came home ~ i only got 1 packet of milo D: !
ahbao ! alvin & clarice ! on clarice's hand somemore, haha .


gah, i've just completed all my homeworks, packing bag nw .
whooooooots ~ now still chatting with shuting & jaslin (:
slept at 4am ytd chionging homework, decided to take a small 1 hour nap,
but.. i slept till 9am+, korkor came to wake me up, went to my bed to sleep .
& finally woke at 1pm :D ! haha, then did my HE coursework when i woke,
had a quick bath and went to play bball @108 .
zhenhong is so tall lah ! not fair de -o- then played awhile,
people came and like, snatched court . went to play with little girls xP
jiahui and jiaen, haha . i managed to borrow a bball from them !
then shuting & shannen left for their tuition at about 4pm .
pei-ed jaslin to bank in bfore we went to macpherson there,
played outside cause inside no court as usual, then huiting came .
haha, dint play match, but just ran around, got th ball & hit O:
& came home around 7pm after sitting longlong bus ~
soundcheck @ SCH tml, need to wear full band uni woh .
leaving aft recess, 10.50 i guess ? yay ca…

ahgong jia

okay, just returned from ahgong jia not long .
woke at 11pm today :D ! haha, then mama making pizza,
helped out to get th ingredients ready, pizzas time !
mama make 1, she going out then ask me make, lols .
1st one was nice, 2nd one chao dao ! xP haha .
ate 3pizzas with jiejie, super full, then called mama come back .
mama made one more pizza bfore we went off to ahgong jia .
went there, did hcl & maths homework . still got loads more :X
slack, no psp games to play, all not interested -.-
then ate dinner, watched 爱就宅一起, cute show eh (:
papa finally came & came home !


300th post !

300th post !
okay, just came back from bandcamp & expo, super tired !

Wednesday :
korkor's birthday ! happy 17th birthday :D
went to mac to eat breakfast in morning at around 8+am,
korkor dint want to go cause he was too tired, then dabao-ed for him .
around aftnoon went to tiongbahru plaza w/ mama and jiejie,
to look for korkor's present and to buy cake .
but dint found any there, went bugis to buy him wallet from myuk,
papa came to fetch us to square2 to buy his cake from prima deli .
went out to eat dinner at some steamboat place at bugis there .
so fun, haha . aft eating dinner, went to balestier there .
watched " Race To The Witch Mountain " at 9+pm .
quite nice, but korkor jiejie say it's for childrens de -.-
then came home, sang happy bday, cut cake, eat cake !
prepared stuffs for bandcamp and went to bed (:
papa aft eating xD cake ! korkor ! korkor cutting cake

Thursday :
wanted to wake at 5am but was too tired that i dint hear my 2 alarms,
until jiejie woke me…

band, basketball

band this morning, slept at 1 . was afraid that i would sleep thru my alarms,
then i put my phone right under my pillow, vibrate and shook th whole bed O:
bathed, went for band & saw christina at bus stop, walked tgt .
had sectionals led by mr tan, was blowing halfway .
then suddenly christina shouted, "cockroach !" then we both run away .
LOL, super gross, think th cockroach crawled up christina's leg,
then she shook her leg cause she thot it was fly or what,
but she look down she saw th cockroach on th ground, ohmygod .__.
mrtan took th stand to shove away th cockroach,
wanwen sprayed alot of watercooler water on it,
wunkhuan protected it by stopping zhijie to step on it (!)
then cont sectionals, aft that had full band, played overture .
kept clarinet, fallout & went to mac w/ jaslin huiting pam wl amelia cherry .
ate lunch, went back to school, wanted to play bball but dint :x
came home cont writing formal letter, was too tired & slept for 1 hour .
woke up, bathed, chion…


slept at 3 ytd, 10+ woke up & started doing e-learning assignments .
left with th eng formal letter writing and hist assignment .
super boring day ~ band tml morning yo !


hungry oh ~ okay, currently waiting for hair to dry .
cut th story short, evening went for bball again,
jiejie korkor wanted to come along, so waited for them to get ready .
reached 108 at 7+, joined in till 8, some adults came to use court for soccer .
left for macpherson there to cont playing, shuting & shannen left .
played awhile with damien weiye likjung jingting jaslin jiejie korkor,
then jiejie korkor sian diao, jaslin left, we left too .
went to bus stop saw jaslin, talked awhile and her bus came .
korkor using adult concession card, say too many stops, very exp .
then we went to buy drinks, wanted to go home by mrt .
but then random korkor & jiejie dragged me to walk home -_-
walked home very slowly, guessing songs from jiejie's hp on th way .
finally reached home at around 11, watched Matrix Reloaded .
dint on com -o- ! agreed on going to th Mac at stadium after watching .
but watch finish le, korkor dint want to walk there,
cause no more bus and so, have to walk there if want …


sat around 11+ went to eat zao can at 红心酒楼, chinatown there,
ate till 1+ & left for ngee ann poly cause korkor need to go back .
to install softwares or what, then left and came home .
played computer and etc, ate dinner and went to play bball :D
went to macpherson there play cause 108 alot ppl,
waited for jaslin to reach then play, w/ shannen weiye jingting likjung .
played till 9.30, then left & came home . quite boring today O:

shuting at botanic gardens' toilet

our rocket !

shannen & shuting

rockets !

phyllis !

gonggong phyllis & shannen
marina barrage papa mama jiejie -o-

sec2camp, day 2

never woke in th morning for Mcdonald's, nobody woke me up O:
infact, no one woke up, hahaha .

day 2 of sec2 camp today, super tiring !
morning went to put bball at locker first & chionged to wesley hall,
assembly, went to wait for bus and left for NEWater .
took class photo, entered in and went through the process .
left NEWater and went back to sch, had 10mins break, ate garlic bread .
and went lab3 for datalogger thing, we're so creative leh, haha .
but it's super boring O: ! went to marina barrage after eating lunch .
quite boring there also, saw 3actors there shooting a scene for 一切完美2 .
went around diff stations, slack alot except when counting th glass panes .
finally at around 5+, went back to school & had dinner .
ate a little, then was recollection time, haha, so fun .
& went to hall for closeup for th sec2 camp, f2-2's presentation first up,
haha, so funny & super high sioh ! then all other class presented,
next was cheer, cheer abit weird luh, but all enth…

sec2camp, day 1

okay, anyhow post today cause hair is drying soon .
woke up late for band today, bathed and rushed to school .
prepared, warm up, fall in & performed,
Sergeant 544 help us to keep our clarinets, thanks !
rushed to general office, changed to pe & went up th bus .
went to botanics gardens, quite boring ? saw plants & etc,
kept chatting at th back, haha . then excursion over, went back to sch .
lunch, ate garlicbread cause was full from eating calbee potatochips on bus,
rocket making, rocket launching - quite successful =D
played with water and so, then evaluation all these,
refreshment @ canteen, then class bonding time, was super high & crazy,
haha . super fun, then had debriefing, dismissed .
went to simsville to change clothes, and went to parkway .
tgt with shannen, shuting, pamela and jaslin .
saw a super scary person with a super scary object at bus stop ! O:
ate at swensens, shared w/ jaslin . borders to buy shannen's belated present .
arcade next and had a fun time there pla…

SYF audition !

audition's over le, thought we would have to go in pairs .
but, ms johnson asked th whole clarinet section to go in together,
auditioned together & mr sim, ms johnson said we played quite well :D !

okay, assembly at hall today for SGEM campaign by ms yee -.-
phyllis dint come to school today ! lessons are so quiet,
guess im too used to phyllis' cold jokes and laughter le O:
then spa went to do some experiments, pe played frisbee .
*bling bling* on ms cheng's hand ! xD mrs chee, ahahahahaha !
recess-ed & lessons . maths, el, pc and gemtime .
gemtime was briefing on sec2 camp on thurs&friday .
not really looking foward to it, like soooo boring -.-
then lunched, went to band room to setup clarinet while waiting .
and went in . audition over, slack ard to wait for pam&jas prac,
wanted to tour around th school with wanbao de !
but only walked from ish to hall to 3rd floor, they going close bandroom le .
went back get bag & came home ~

he pract.

HE practical today, woke at 6am, bathed, prepared & went to sch damn early .
put my stuffs, prepared things needed for pract, went to assembly @ hall,
ms ho talked about school's good and bad traits .
then practical start ! anyhow cooked :X but i think still passable ?
recess ate finish mango ~ then music, mr sim nvr come .
art did graffiti, so boring -.- & hcl, did compo again .
ate macaroni cheese as lunch, went for band, tutor- mr hans, came to tch us .
audition tml ! hope can pass, godblessme ._.


sorry cant go out on sat :x still, wish all your dreams come true !
older le, must be more mature eh, hahaha .

okay, bought he ingredients in th aftnoon and packed them .
hope all goes well tml, dint practice at home :X
just watched 'unexpected access' on channel 5,
surgery on brain ! they use like screwdriver to drill open th brain,
where they used marker to draw a line across th head .
and they open up th skin on forehead, semi-circle !
and and took out a skull or something to sew/fix,
cause th head not in shape ! and put back, put metal piece .
for th brain to grow back in shape . sew back th skin !!
omgxzx . super gross ah ! ._. boo, no more incredible tales .

playing with macaroni ~


290th post !

just returned home from ahgong jia, came home early today .
jiejie wanted to buy present for her teacher's 1years old daughter .
woke at 9am today, bathed and went to ahgong jia .
papa's ahma's 22nd death anniversary, need to go early .
started folding lotus and alot of things till aftnoon,
waited for rain to stop bfore going down to burn the things .
went back ahgong jia, watched tv & cut hair again, so short now ~
ate dinner, watched tv, left ahgong jia at 8+, headed for BHG & home !

just watched flightplan on channel 5, super nice luhs .
she found her daughter at last, way to go man !
jiejie !


dint do mass pe this morning, wrote parent letter to excysed from it .
went up stage sat there, look at people doing alot of jumpingjacks & sorts .
mass pe over, lessons as usual, mscheng dint came today .
recess, parents support group gave out waffles,
shared choco waffle with shannen . each ate one bite and threw away le xP
soo oily and weirdweird taste de ~ lol
school end, ate lunch and went to gym and play abit of wii,
& went for band, setup clarinet and bought things up .
band, playplayplay, packed up and came home .

chocolate from 百万大赢家 tingy (:

doctor ee

just came back from cchsm ! super boring at there today ~
morning singspiration, assembly at hall & accidentally,
made a big long crack on left leg's injury while sitting down -.-
super pain luh . went back class & went to 'Ee Shu Ting Woman's Clinic'
for treatment from 8:20-8:40 . Doctor i/c : Doctor Ee, Co-Doctor : Phyllis .
haha ! no spa today cause ms cheng & ms yee nvr come .
think we'll be having class tee soon ~ =D
lessons lessons, went off early at 1.15 from mscheng's maths class .
ate lunch with doctor ee & went back for hcl lesson,
li laoshi expalined about homework, went off to canteen .
waited for pam jas christina to eat finish & got on bus ~
went to cchms, and came home .

Wanbao's birthday is 1st of may ! :D

Co-Doctor's production : 'baka'

Doctor Ee's production .

MC from Doctor Ee, haha !

hcl test

got back hcl test paper today, super disappointed okay D:
ohgod, i just passed, im deproving alot luhs .. 我的四分啊 !
science got back commontest - 42.5/50 ! yeahyeah ~
lessons, i did my oral presentation today, sooo scary & nervous O:
chapel today, sleeping away again, then maths, geo, hcl .
ate lunch and went for band, full band, quite boring ~
mrtan called clarinetists one by one out, i was called out too,
went thru merrywidow to see if i can play well, then went back .
playplay and fall out, went to bbt shop & bought hellopanda to eat .
going to cchsm for 读书会 tml again ~

wanwen's birthday is 1st may !

school today, assembly sat at th teacher's place again .
bfore pe put on th plaster yuyue gave to me, lol haha thanks !
played frisbee, ms cheng says i just have to stand there to catch it,
but somehow i ended up running about playing captain'sball-frisbee :x
pain woh, then changed out to uniform and went for recess .
dint quite rmb where shuting was having duty, went wrong stairs -.-
then lessons ~ heng i haven been called out for oral presentation !
super scary sioh D: gemtime went to wesley hall for some counseling talk,
ate lunch & went to th mama shop oppo. to buy chipster to eat .
waited for pamela's maths remedial to end and went to whitesands .
comic connections only have up to vol. 2, dint buy .
went to popular look look awhile and came home !


yo, morning assembly today sat at th side cause really cant cross my legs .
HE , prac. exam's on next monday, did workbook & chatted abit .
samuel's macaroni cheese is nice ! shannen's food is nice, haha .
recess, music, art - 2 free periods slacking away .
maths, somehow understood how to do le :D
last 2 periods hcl wrote 公函, completed it, super boring .
& went back to class for hist. remedial, went to eat lunch,
jaslin huifei priscilla christina waited for me to eat finish, thanks :D
then went for band, setup and went for boring sectional !
wanbao nvr come for band today ! O: went back bandroom,
kept clarinet . dint fallout cause of my injury,
went to library awhile and came home .

left leg

just bathed & my injuries are hurting like omg esp. my left leg !
cant stand it, have to tiptoe my left leg while walking,
cause it's too pain for me to straighten it ~.~
how am i going to fold my legs for assembly tml ? ._.
may god bless me i guess .