dint post ytd, was too lazy & tired .

woke at 6.50am, almost forgotten that there was school -_-
chionged bath and went to school at usual time .
lessons lessons, had lunch outside school cause there was no stalls,
all staffs including teachers went to science centre for course ?
had to eat outside school, ate at mac and came back .
lunch, setup and went to wesley hall to prac & band over .
met with shannen and shuting for bball, couldnt get th boys out .
played with ourselves, jaslin pua dou O:
then play play play & came home !

no sec2 band members went for th methodist walk,
haha how cool . all agreed not to go (:
was supposed to meet shuting at 11, but i wasnt ready :X
then shuting had to go for her tuition if not she'll be late ..
bathed le, jaslin came over . went to market to pei her eat .
came up cause jaslin wanted to study and do homework .
ended up left no time, haha . then went to band,
practicing at wesley hall, super cold & hungry O:
only ate a ham bread for this morning .
was quite boring, but atleast got bao beside me, hehe .
band until 4pm, came home cause was too hungry ! :D