cross country

woke at around 5.10am, bathed and went to kallang mrt .
started waited at 5.45 until 6am, jaslin came, bfore th first train came ._.
shuting told us to meet at payalebar mac @ 5.50am,
but she went to school for prefects' duty if not she'll be late .
reached there, saw that mac wasnt open . thot it was 24/7 de :X
then went to mrbean, waited for th pancakes to get cooked,
bought 2 cheese pancakes for me and shuting .
saw gigi, she came in to buy 1 too, haha . then chatted awhile,
rushed to simsville to meet with shannen & phyllis .
but they were at th toilet, then just nice saw zhunweng,
and got in xP ! dint know our way around, haha .
finally found shannen, her mum drove us there, thanks :D
got off at 7-11 there, walked to th meeting place & found shuting !
then assemble, briefing, devotion & etc .
saw bao at th platform there arranging trophies & then .. throwing ! xD
C division girls was first up to run,
went to asked ms johnson if we could run, aft long while then she agreed .
walked w/ th band girls, but decided to pei jaslin to run for a short while,
caught up with shannen shuting phyllis, was too tired to carry on .
then jaslin continued and ran off, i ran with shuting :D
we ran by counting th number of trees/ lamp posts, haha .
ran for 10 lamp posts, stopped to breathe and chat,
continued running and stopping, at last reached . i got 94 leh !!
got improvement okay ! last year 98 xD ahahaha .
maybe next year i'll be running & training my stamina ? :D
slacked around aft running, xiner got 11, nearly got top 10 !
jaslin got 21, for running non-stop from all th way at th back .
pamela dint run, saw her at th finishing line .
mama's sick, get well soon ahbu ! u can do it :D !
then was prize giving time, mitchell got second ! i thot we'll get last one leh :X
got dismissed, waited for bus and boarded bus 66 to bedok interchange,
took mrt to cityhall with shannen shuting jaslin xiner phyllis to marina sq .
ate kfc first, super hungry, haha . then ate ate,
went for bowling, but i dint played, just watched .
play finish le, phyllis left to eat @ seoul garden w/ her gb .
while walking, saw sineing&cliques at what yaki n yuki, eating buffet ! haha .
played finish, went walking around cause couldnt go to th arcade ..
then saw them eating icecream buffet next, frying their own icecreams !
i want eat also !! D: rested at bench, went to buy tickets .
shannen left for her tuition . watched 'Paul Bart : Mall Cop' at 2.30,
quite okay, funny show haha . super cold at marina sq and cinema ~
after watching, went to kfc cause xiner wanted to buy snackers .
then went over to suntec, went to th playground to play !
played 3 rounds of grounded, then played catching haha xD
& came home by bus, haha ! tired ~