sec2camp, day 2

never woke in th morning for Mcdonald's, nobody woke me up O:
infact, no one woke up, hahaha .

day 2 of sec2 camp today, super tiring !
morning went to put bball at locker first & chionged to wesley hall,
assembly, went to wait for bus and left for NEWater .
took class photo, entered in and went through the process .
left NEWater and went back to sch, had 10mins break, ate garlic bread .
and went lab3 for datalogger thing, we're so creative leh, haha .
but it's super boring O: ! went to marina barrage after eating lunch .
quite boring there also, saw 3actors there shooting a scene for 一切完美2 .
went around diff stations, slack alot except when counting th glass panes .
finally at around 5+, went back to school & had dinner .
ate a little, then was recollection time, haha, so fun .
& went to hall for closeup for th sec2 camp, f2-2's presentation first up,
haha, so funny & super high sioh ! then all other class presented,
next was cheer, cheer abit weird luh, but all enthu enthu, aha .
then sec2 camp ended ! dismissed, went to 108 for bball :D
with jaslin shannen shuting, damien weiye likjung jingting yuanhe & david(?)
so weird O: played till 10, lights off, continued playing .
played till almost 11, left and came home ~

using korkor's laptop now, bluetooth connection problem w/ my phone,
tml then uploading pictures, *may be going to play bball tml morning !*
& godbless kor recover soon (:

okay, was tagged by jolene baobeii to do this quiz ~
Answer this questions as if it is really happening!
Be Truthful.
What will you do in these situations?

Situation 1:
You were bathing halfway, and suddenly a large roach flew in from the window and buzzed around the toilet before it landed on your shoulder.
shout & scream for help, then grab anything which was near me to whack it off and wash my shoulder thoroughly so that it does not leave any germs and rush out of the bathroom .

Situation 2:
You are in a shopping center, and you suddenly had a sharp stomachache. You rushed to the nearest toilet, closed the door and went to shit. When you are about to get out, you realise that there is no toilet paper.
tissue paper ! i've been bringing it these days =D

Situation 3:
You farted really loud in a public bus and it smelled like shit and rotten eggs. Everyone turned to stare at you, a young boy sitting behind you said, "Mummy, that guy/girl fart very smelly."
say oops & apologise ? :X

Situation 4:
You held the wrong person's hand in a shopping centre and you thought he/she was your boyfriend/girlfriend.
no boyfriend ! if accidentally hold a girl's hand, i would just let go of her hand immediately, apologise & just stop to find where my girlfriend was while laughing to myself for being so silly .

Tag, you're it! :D
Anyone interested .