soundcheck @ SCH

soundcheck @ SCH,
went to sch wearing sch uni, band skirt, band boots .
look funny, esp when my band skirt is damn long O:
had 3periods of HE theory in th morning, super boring .
mstoh couldnt find anything more to say, she started scolding us -_-
had recess, ate prawnmee, changed and went for music lesson .
went to bandroom and set up clarinet, then mrsamuel came .
run thru both songs, went to outside general office there .
need to clip up hair ! clip at th side oso cnnt, must pin everyting up .
they say on syf they will gel our hair up so it will sparkle, zomg ! ._.
went there in bus looking damn weird, run thru th songs again .
aft 1hr, we had to leave there . then sat bus came back .
was dismissed from bandroom, dint go anywhere & came home ~
i only got 1 packet of milo D: !
ahbao !
alvin & clarice ! on clarice's hand somemore, haha .