subject combination talk

super early luhs, haha . woke at 4.30am, bathed & got ready .
went to kallang stadium to eat breakfast, we're th 3rd customers !
wow, we finally went there after saying so long. haha :D
ate sasuage mcmuffin, eat till around 6.25, went off .
papa drove korkor home first cause i complained it's too early,
then papa drove me to school, followed by jiejie .
reached school, went toilet & saw shannen, haha .
went to canteen and saw faith1-1 2008's gathering, including phyllis !
then shuting came and went to do prefect duty, xiner, pamela came .
jaslin latest ! xP went up hall for SGEM at 7.25+am,
assembly . then lessons as usual ~ had lunch from 1.15-1.45 .
had gemtime, went wesley hall for subject combination talk,
was sleeping there again when diff teachers came to brief about each subj..
after talk was looking for jaslin w/ shuting and shannen,
but at last found out she went home le, lol . pangseh TT
went to singpost w/ shuting & shannen, had loads of fun !
hahahahahahahaha ! laugh alot at subway luhs :D:D

empty seats !

papa's creation : hashrowns wrapped in sasauge mcmuffin wrapper -.-

lollipop(yuyue suddenly gave, thanks! :D) & shuting

subway cookie and shannen's meal o_O