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had eng papers yesterday and hcl papers today,
i'm gonna die .. all so hard :O went studying after hcl papers today, had fun drawing mushroom ! :D
overviews of our artistic drawings: =D


Happy Birthday to Ah bao !!
hope all your wishes come true!
14 liao ah, be more mature hor (:
haha, your present after exam then go buy with tuna ah, ps :X!
yo, goodluck to everyone for MYE ! :D

&, i hate wilson wang for making me cry -.-"""
was doing work then suddenly he used the correction tape poke my left arm,
he rubbed the correction tap tip which had a metal thing luh .
super pain can, is like kana electric shocks + needle pokes ._.
make me cry and laugh and cry and laugh :O!
took picture of him but yet, i'm lazy to post it :D
yo, had music today, mr sim showed us clips of cats musical.
totally memsmerised by Elaine Paige: Memory!

Memory at 'Cats Musical'

Live at London(1998)


mugging for MYE, hope to get in a good class :D
goodluck and jiayou everyone, just 3more days to El paper!

*5more days to ahbao's birthday!! i still haven't got her present ._.


yo ! eating my dinner alone at home ~
went to study just now, met up at paya lebar mrt .
and went to sims ville, went in the auditorium room,
started studying and th guard say cannot study there, must play,
then shuting went to take table tennis racket, pingpong balls and cupnoodles.
was super hungry, but there wasnt any hot water so dint eat cup noodles,
studied awhile and played table tennis,
the guard came in and told us to leave cause only can book for 1 hour,
got other ppl want to use but they say we can stay there,
but th guard insisted on wanting us to leave .
so left and went to singpost, kfc to eat lunch and study.
while putting my food i accidentally spilled my milo :x !
hehe, then eat eat, studied and i'm starting to understand it,
thanks xiner and jaslin ! hahaha .
then did maths paper2 awhile, & came home ~
papa mama korkor went to hosp. to see ahma cause she was having fever,
jiejie went out to study. im all alone o_o

studying science

just 5 more days to start of Eng Paper,
and i've just begun studying for MYE .
science is seriously killing my brain cells .__.
can't understand many things about it,
going to study tml again with shannen shuting jaslin and xiner .
just did at Mac, i asked jaslin and xiner alot of questions O:
thankyou teachers for standing me, & tml too! hahaha :D

piggy clip

i'm back home early, so boring ~
got back lit test today, 15/25 i got a pen !! :D
super shock, because i thought all my answers were wrong, haha.
had to borrow chinese books during last lesson of hcl, which have to do 1review.
li laoshi say we have to do something like SGEM, intro to everyone, omg ._.
borrowed “小狗钱钱”and “破碎脸天使心”, got 1 piggy clip :D
then went canteen, waited for jaslin to eat her lunch,
drank milo and read 小狗钱钱, hehe .
& came home!

my bunny pen and calendar pen(from last time)!

the 2 books :D

sims ville

yoyoyo! just returned from sims ville, haha .
had school today, got back geo test and i failed it -.-..
i did study for it okay! then scored so badly ..
ah, then after school had lunch and went to sims ville,
sat at th poolside, after awhile shannen came down .
wanted to study, but i only did a few maths questions and played hp games,
then shannen ask me what game i playing then she took it away to play O: !
just listened to songs and help ahma copy her lines,
and finally at 6pm, we went to change into PE and went in to th pool .
so fun, had a great time laughing xD then shannen stopped playing hp,
went home changed and came down to join us .
but then when i was pulling shannen down, th security guard came ..
shannen only got wet at her pants, no fair O:
after that went to washup, changed back to uni and came home,
hahaha! :D

oh yeah, congrats to dance and drama who garnered a Gold with Honours .
seriously, i feel that we band is like .. 望尘莫及 ._____.

school day

school today, he ms toh made swiss roll& cheese dk-what for us,
swiss roll was super sweet while the other 1 is super salty ._.
then had music test, quite easy but memorised th Bollywood, Kollywood wrongly!
haha ~ then art, started colouring but it's soooo ugly !
bah, seriously have no talent in art, cannot blame :P
then had maths and hcl . ate lunch and stayed back for hist test .
super hard! couldn't finish off my last paragraph and missed out a lot of points
~.~ aft hist test went to shannen's house for pw,
yuyue treated icecream! but i din't eat O:
then used shannen's mum laptop, ate chips with chopsticks,
& hor, shannen ah, ask us to be serious yet still play facebook ! ._.
ahma did her homework at one side cause no space, boo ..
aft doing awhile, slacked around and joked, then went off at 7+~

yeah, got our secondary ez-link cards already,
super ugly can, i miss my old primary school one O:!

ms toh ! :X

byebye primary school card ! TT (look at my hair:D!)

byebye old ph…


HAHAHA! now at shannen's house doing pw :P
ahma is beside me now, hehe :D


yo! super creepy this few days .. ._.

saturday woke up, couldn't find my spects ..
asked mama papa korkor jiejie if they saw my spects but they say never.
searched the whole house like mad for 1 whole hour,
i was sure i placed my spects on the table at my room last night,
then i searched the table very thoroughly and moved th table,
to see if it had dropped on th floor .. (then i found my hoodie :P)
jiejie came in scold me for making her earpiece(plucked in) hanging on th midair,
then she placed the earpiece tgt with her phone on the table nicely.
continued searching for it but couldn't find it at all .
got so frustrated i sat on th sofa at living room playing w/ my phone .
then jiejie came out from room, holding onto my spects and ask me if is my spects .
it's really my spects ._. then she say when she checked on her phone just now,
my spects was entangled inside her earpiece !
was so shocked i cried, super scary can ! .____.
i even purposely moved th table, looked at everything on the …

new phone - w595 !!

hellohello !
i've gotten my new phone, teehe . w595(lava black)!!!!
can shake to change song and change volume one, hehe :D:D
so cool, but it's so hard to control th volume,
& also, th camera not good one leeeeeeeeh :X!
byebye old phone, i'll miss your privacy lock alot ! ._____.

had a talk by Mr. C Kunalan this morning about IFD,
quite touching and inspiring, but doesn't motivate me ~ O:
went plaza sing in th evening with mama aft coming home from school,
only limited choices of phones, then it was th only sony ericsson de .
so i got it, mwuha ! heard from jiejie taht th keypads spoils easily,
hope it doesn't spoil so quickly in my hands ! :X
then reach home transferred songs, played games.
i think im gonna spend my whole night playing with it :D !!
ahgong house tml ~ tata !


yoooo sup ! im home so early, not really used to it -_-
so, yeah ~ blogging now, just ate kokokrunch, ahaha .
oh, and had lit test today on unseen poetry,
i think im gonna fail badly. i don't understand it at all :D

ahbao says : anything lor :D

The Merry Widow Selections(Choice Piece 2009)

The Merry Widow Selections - Geylang Methodist School

Recording on Merry Widow(ChoicePiece) which we played for SYF ! :D


today was super bored, had school in th morning till 1.50,
also had SPA test, super hard ! my 5marks for graph all gone .
i realised that i read th question wrongly th last few mins,
for gradient, i think i got it wrong too .
hallelujah, if all wrong, 13marks gone and im sure gonna fail O:
ate lunch and went for juniorband with ahbao .
played awhile and was sectional, no help was needed,
so me and ahbao slacked around ~ played spiritedaway songs,
but was super boring.. went back to IT room there .
& played kor's psp ! hahaha thanks xD took turns to play,
then zeishenbao took my wallet cause we dont want lend him play :X,
keep drop my wallet, put at highhigh places which is like so dirty ._.
atlast got back my wallet, then went bandroom outside play,
ahbao watching anime on zeishen's psp, zeishenbao and me took turns play .
suddenly when zeishenbao playing then no more batt le,
HAHAHA . god's will, dont want let him play (:
then went in bandroom play chrous of frog like we were in sec1…


hoo, today was boring at school.. ~.~
gemtime had discipline talk by Ms Haryati,
then had lunch and went to history make-up lesson
after that went to f2-1 to do homework there, boring sioh :X
th guy came to chase us out, went to canteen .
waited for xiner and do homework ..
then th guy came to say lights off, & came home .. -.-



今天, 上课时和平常没什么两样儿,
音乐课,我们看了些短片,十分精彩 。
下一节, 也就是美术, 是个彻底的失败..
我对画画一窍不通, 画出来的图案总是怪怪的.
美术课完了, 是数学. 现在, 我被数学搞得越来越乱,
嗨.. 真令人头疼阿~
接着数学是华文, 另一个令人头疼的事件.
哈哈,虽然我不会玩,但多多少少还可以吹出一点声音来.. :D
接着.. 接着..
就到加冷那里的夜市.每天都走过, 看了都厌倦._.
现在还在做作文..真怕做不完! :P


bah, changed blogskin ~ hoho :D
so hungry, mama finally reached home with my brunch !

easter hunting

yoyoyo ! day out at pasir ris park got 'easter egg hunting' ! :D
fun okay, even though not many people, hahaha .

woke up, watched pokemon, bathed and went out .
boarded th same train as shuting, then when to look for food to eat,
cause was too hungry :P then jaslin and xiner finally reach,
walkwalk and went to eat banmian at Kopitiam i think,
jaslin's sick ! cannot eat chicken/egg/fried/cold stuff & alot of things!
hahahahaha, noob body ! xP joking ~
then went to tampines1, bought a packet of chocolates eggs to eat instead,
to like amend for th easter egg hunting xD
& went to meet shannen huiting damien zhenhong at pasir ris mrt .
boys went to eat, we went arcade, spent our money on bball :D
then playplay, finally headed to pasir ris park .
wanted to take bus but zhenhong say they walking .
then we also went, by th boardwalk and walked a long way to bicycle kiosk .
saw a sign board, it say th rent bike place was at where we walked from ..
lol lah, super tired and bored under th ho…


yo just came home from stuyding w/ shannen at singpost (:

yersterday night went to th new mall, iluma to watch 'knowing' .
was nice but i find that th storyline was quite weird o.O ~
after wacthing at 2.30, went to swee choon for timsum , came back home
& slept at 3.30+am .

woke at 11+, went to eat brunch at market and dad drove me to payalebar .
shuting had to go her ahma house, jaslin was having fever .
so only me and shannen went to study .
studied at mac, was chatting . then sometimes do abit work, haha .
then went to Kopitiam cause was having backache sitting there too long .
was so sleeeeeeeepy, we decided to go home .
bah, going pasir ris for easter hunting tml ! wheeeees ~(:


whoots, so hungry and tired now (:
just came back home from bball at macpherson !

maundy thursday today, teachers playing/singing .
then had lessons, ms yee dint come ! :D
got back HCL test mark and ms li record wrongly, she wrote as 51 .
then i was so omg :X then got back th paper, it wrote 57 .
yay, my 6 marks ! ate lunch aft hcl and went to mrl for pw .
used com and do and do, dint slack soooo much today,
at least we are doing it :D ! hahaha .
then camped outside music room doing hw while waiting for shuting,
jaslin went to ate her lunch outside .
th dance instructor dint want to let us in ~ .___.
shuting came out, jaslin came back to school .
went to slack around at 108, walked here walked there and went to playground .
was too bored we played catching on th wet surface ..
and accidentally i pua dou >< whole shirt was black,
right leg w/ a big blue black, right hand had internal bleeding . then went to play bball at cc, anyhow played like crazy xD and came home around 9pm, bathed and now eat…


just woke from my afternoon nap, teehee :D
school was usual, had gemtime today about what kindness thing .
ate lunch and pei-ed shannen around, watched softball girls .
shuting came after her maths remedial & we talked and talked xD
came home after they went for their guides ~


Happy 16th Birthday to JieJie !
good loh you, can watch nv16 movies le, tsk. (i watch at home lah :P)
hope you do well for ur 'O' levels and go to a good JC !
& hope all your dreams come true :D


celebrated jiejie's birthday earlier on sunday,
ate at KFC as usual cause nobody suggested elsewhere to eat .
school was same, sewing was frustrating and boring ..
had hcl test, super diffcult cause idk how to write alot of words >< then went bandroom, saw fountain at drain ! lol, haha . dirty water, i washed my shoes le leh ! kpo kpo abit at bandroom and went to eat lunch . after that went to plazasing with shuting and xiner. wanted to buy easter eggs(?), but never :P then jaslin came after her pw, walkedwalked around . xiner had to leave, cont. walking around, leg super tired . somehow we went to bugis, walked around cold storage again, but at last we came out empty-handed O: came home after that, waited for papa to cut cake . it wasnt fun at all, only i was high-ing -_-

ahgong jia

okay, blogging now before going to sleep :D

had school, mass pe, worked out abit and etc .
then lessons lessons & had maths test .
was quite simple, after school got hcl ws .
ate lunch while filling in th form for th what thingy .
waited for xiner to eat finish, went home tgt with xiner, amanda .
went out to bugis at around 6+pm to buy jiejie's bday present .
jiejie suggested coming over to eat dinner tgt, choose her wallet oso .
bought her present at walletshop & went longjohn for dinner .
ate damn slowly until about 9+pm, haha .
then walked around, went to th new mall bside bugis street .
woah, big ah ! there got otaku house, i saw reborn's pacifier !!! :D
super cool leh, haha . promotion at film garde cinema,
all tickets including sneak previews/midnight movies are $6 !
wanted to catch a midnight movie with family,
called papa to ask him if he wanted to watch .
just nice he was at around beach road, so he came .
went back to flimgarde counter there wanted to buy tickets for k…


yo ! lessons today again, boring .
went to cchms aft school for du shu hui, probbably for th last time .
came back to school, waited for xiner .
saw shuting and slacked awhile, discussed for Easter Day !
& i want band, afternoons are so empty now O: ! !


SYF today ! woke up late @ 6am today, sorrysorry jaslin ! :X
thanks all for wishing and congratulating :D !

shan't elaborate it , too lazy .
while playing i was shaking & my body was warm .
super scary O: ! played finish, listened to westwood band .
got back in school, slack and had break,
i realised i had forgotten to bring my wallet to school today ~
went back for lessons after moving th percussions .
phyllis watered my airplant by dripping her saliva on it, god x.x
hcl, elissa came to call us out for debriefing @ wesley hall .
yeaps, we've got silver ! haha :D they say it's a high silver leh !
ohman, what happens if we get gold ? O: hope can go overseas !
then came home by bus with ah bao :D

ah bao step on grass 2 times today !!