ahgong jia

okay, blogging now before going to sleep :D

had school, mass pe, worked out abit and etc .
then lessons lessons & had maths test .
was quite simple, after school got hcl ws .
ate lunch while filling in th form for th what thingy .
waited for xiner to eat finish, went home tgt with xiner, amanda .
went out to bugis at around 6+pm to buy jiejie's bday present .
jiejie suggested coming over to eat dinner tgt, choose her wallet oso .
bought her present at walletshop & went longjohn for dinner .
ate damn slowly until about 9+pm, haha .
then walked around, went to th new mall bside bugis street .
woah, big ah ! there got otaku house, i saw reborn's pacifier !!! :D
super cool leh, haha . promotion at film garde cinema,
all tickets including sneak previews/midnight movies are $6 !
wanted to catch a midnight movie with family,
called papa to ask him if he wanted to watch .
just nice he was at around beach road, so he came .
went back to flimgarde counter there wanted to buy tickets for knowing,
but there was like, no seats left except th front row .
super many people oh O: alot people camping at coffeebean/first floor .
bah, then came back home, watched "Newspaper of Terror" !

woke at at 11pm cause nobody woke me up :X
used com awhile, bathed and went to market for brunch .
papa came back after going work for awhile,
ate and went to ahgong jia, started folding things again ~
then was rotting there, watching papa & korkor playing those old tvgames,
while waiting for aunt to come at 4+pm ..
went down to burn things after everyone reached,
helped out in some cooking of dinner, tv-ed again .
ate dinner, watched tv . went down to play soccer at 9.15pm .
but no court, so played monkey at some open area .
bored, went back up ahgong jia at 10pm, rested awhile and came home ~
baaaaaaaaah, go sleep loh !

ahbao, tuna :D

jiejie drinking ~

dinner, lol -_-

korkor w/ his lotus .