easter hunting

yoyoyo ! day out at pasir ris park got 'easter egg hunting' ! :D
fun okay, even though not many people, hahaha .

woke up, watched pokemon, bathed and went out .
boarded th same train as shuting, then when to look for food to eat,
cause was too hungry :P then jaslin and xiner finally reach,
walkwalk and went to eat banmian at Kopitiam i think,
jaslin's sick ! cannot eat chicken/egg/fried/cold stuff & alot of things!
hahahahaha, noob body ! xP joking ~
then went to tampines1, bought a packet of chocolates eggs to eat instead,
to like amend for th easter egg hunting xD
& went to meet shannen huiting damien zhenhong at pasir ris mrt .
boys went to eat, we went arcade, spent our money on bball :D
then playplay, finally headed to pasir ris park .
wanted to take bus but zhenhong say they walking .
then we also went, by th boardwalk and walked a long way to bicycle kiosk .
saw a sign board, it say th rent bike place was at where we walked from ..
lol lah, super tired and bored under th hot sun ~
walked and kept cutting across and walked on grass,
then suddenly xiner jump and saw a snake !
(xiner say it's cobra cause th head and body will stand de O:)
scary woh ~ cont. walking and finally rented bicycle ..
just nice th boys came to find us aft renting bicycles from diff place .
cycled awhile and went to play at playgroud, haha .
while playing th swinging thing, simhuiting made my ear hit th knot !
pain ah ~ but aft awhile ok le (: play play ~
and was back to cycle, cycled damn slowly, haha .
then cycled to th park connector and found a shortcut to mrt ._.
zomg, made us walked such a long way lah ..
returned bikes, went back to whitesands by th park connector .
boys went to bugis, lol ._. jaslin was hungry so waited for her to eat .
but she say it was too bland, then went to buy corn eat .
waste food ! O: went back to arcade to play again, ahaha .
all on bball again, hand super tired ~
haha, then went to eat at KFC, chatting while eating :D
& came home ~ hahaha .


snake ! O:

that guy yawning !



huiting shannen


xiner's mushroom hair flying xD

caught xiner !! :X(picture cropped by jaslin._.)

simhuiting (:

mushroom xiner ! xP