today was super bored, had school in th morning till 1.50,
also had SPA test, super hard ! my 5marks for graph all gone .
i realised that i read th question wrongly th last few mins,
for gradient, i think i got it wrong too .
hallelujah, if all wrong, 13marks gone and im sure gonna fail O:
ate lunch and went for juniorband with ahbao .
played awhile and was sectional, no help was needed,
so me and ahbao slacked around ~ played spiritedaway songs,
but was super boring.. went back to IT room there .
& played kor's psp ! hahaha thanks xD took turns to play,
then zeishenbao took my wallet cause we dont want lend him play :X,
keep drop my wallet, put at highhigh places which is like so dirty ._.
atlast got back my wallet, then went bandroom outside play,
ahbao watching anime on zeishen's psp, zeishenbao and me took turns play .
suddenly when zeishenbao playing then no more batt le,
HAHAHA . god's will, dont want let him play (:
then went in bandroom play chrous of frog like we were in sec1,
bandover, watch juniorband fallout and came home ~

&&, i am gonna start studying hard, mug hard !
go yukeling, you can do it :D !!