school day

school today, he ms toh made swiss roll& cheese dk-what for us,
swiss roll was super sweet while the other 1 is super salty ._.
then had music test, quite easy but memorised th Bollywood, Kollywood wrongly!
haha ~ then art, started colouring but it's soooo ugly !
bah, seriously have no talent in art, cannot blame :P
then had maths and hcl . ate lunch and stayed back for hist test .
super hard! couldn't finish off my last paragraph and missed out a lot of points
~.~ aft hist test went to shannen's house for pw,
yuyue treated icecream! but i din't eat O:
then used shannen's mum laptop, ate chips with chopsticks,
& hor, shannen ah, ask us to be serious yet still play facebook ! ._.
ahma did her homework at one side cause no space, boo ..
aft doing awhile, slacked around and joked, then went off at 7+~

yeah, got our secondary ez-link cards already,
super ugly can, i miss my old primary school one O:!

ms toh ! :X

byebye primary school card ! TT (look at my hair:D!)

byebye old phone O:!