sims ville

yoyoyo! just returned from sims ville, haha .
had school today, got back geo test and i failed it -.-..
i did study for it okay! then scored so badly ..
ah, then after school had lunch and went to sims ville,
sat at th poolside, after awhile shannen came down .
wanted to study, but i only did a few maths questions and played hp games,
then shannen ask me what game i playing then she took it away to play O: !
just listened to songs and help ahma copy her lines,
and finally at 6pm, we went to change into PE and went in to th pool .
so fun, had a great time laughing xD then shannen stopped playing hp,
went home changed and came down to join us .
but then when i was pulling shannen down, th security guard came ..
shannen only got wet at her pants, no fair O:
after that went to washup, changed back to uni and came home,
hahaha! :D

oh yeah, congrats to dance and drama who garnered a Gold with Honours .
seriously, i feel that we band is like .. 望尘莫及 ._____.