yo ! eating my dinner alone at home ~
went to study just now, met up at paya lebar mrt .
and went to sims ville, went in the auditorium room,
started studying and th guard say cannot study there, must play,
then shuting went to take table tennis racket, pingpong balls and cupnoodles.
was super hungry, but there wasnt any hot water so dint eat cup noodles,
studied awhile and played table tennis,
the guard came in and told us to leave cause only can book for 1 hour,
got other ppl want to use but they say we can stay there,
but th guard insisted on wanting us to leave .
so left and went to singpost, kfc to eat lunch and study.
while putting my food i accidentally spilled my milo :x !
hehe, then eat eat, studied and i'm starting to understand it,
thanks xiner and jaslin ! hahaha .
then did maths paper2 awhile, & came home ~
papa mama korkor went to hosp. to see ahma cause she was having fever,
jiejie went out to study. im all alone o_o