whoots, so hungry and tired now (:
just came back home from bball at macpherson !

maundy thursday today, teachers playing/singing .
then had lessons, ms yee dint come ! :D
got back HCL test mark and ms li record wrongly, she wrote as 51 .
then i was so omg :X then got back th paper, it wrote 57 .
yay, my 6 marks ! ate lunch aft hcl and went to mrl for pw .
used com and do and do, dint slack soooo much today,
at least we are doing it :D ! hahaha .
then camped outside music room doing hw while waiting for shuting,
jaslin went to ate her lunch outside .
th dance instructor dint want to let us in ~ .___.
shuting came out, jaslin came back to school .
went to slack around at 108, walked here walked there and went to playground .
was too bored we played catching on th wet surface ..
and accidentally i pua dou >< whole shirt was black,
right leg w/ a big blue black, right hand had internal bleeding .
then went to play bball at cc, anyhow played like crazy xD
and came home around 9pm, bathed and now eating .
later catching a midnight movie w/family at 12.20am at bugis ! :D:D !!
(caught while walking around o.o)