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woke up today at 9+, watched finish boys before flowers,
super nice can! i keep crying when Jan Di leave and Jun Pyo forget Jan Di,
Yu Mi is so evil, haha :D
then rush to band after watching finish,
sectional till 4 to teach sec1, but had no junior to teach.
slacked till 4 and went to meet mama and got results slip,
went back band, clean up, ate dinner and came home!(:

some videos~(:

Last day of school

whooots, last day of school today, june holis are finally here!
watched finish Night at the Museum during science lesson,
and watched MacBeth and almost fell asleep.. :O
getting results tml, mama will only be able to go collect at 4,
i guess i will excuse myself from band at 4 to go see see :D
yeah, gonna cont. watching boys before flowers!


yo, gotten back results on thursday.
surprisingly, i din't fail any subjects! :D
but somehow, was quite disappointed in some which i could have done better.
haven't told my parents which i think they don't even know i got my results le -.-
went to do 4hours CIP at Geylang East Library alone, super boring..
then went to play bball at macpherson there, boring also luhs .___.


yo, had super fun today!(:
morning woke up and went to meet xiner, was late, sorry :x
went to 108 and aft awhile shuting and jaslin came,
played played awhile and went to buy slippers cause jaslin's spoilt.
she didn't want to take my recommendation to buy the highhigh shoes TT
finally bought the slippers and took bus to bugis,
tuna had to wait for us for a long time, sorry ah :x
bought bbt and went to foodjunction for lunch,
wasn't hungry as i was too hungry before and drank bbt,
so shared the meal with shu ting and jaslin, then shannen came to join us.
went to look around for ahbao's present and finally bought it(:
aft that went to iluma to walk walk awhile and tuna went off,
then arcade, nothing much but they chased us out when we answered them we weren't 16,
guess they suspect we pon-tan school :O we're good kids okay! it's marking day!
and went to the baby arcade at BHG, playplay awhile,
xiner got to go home, she went home first while we decide our plan,
then decided t…
MYE are finally over!
yay, means there is no need to stuff info into my head le :D
today went around playing bball, running around, chatting, hehe
went home at 5+ cause xiner needed to go home,
and came home used com till now after bathing.

marking day tml, no school! bball in morning and,
shopping for bao's present at bugis w/ tuna, jaslin xiner shuting in the afternoon!


2 more papers to go - Maths P1, Home Economics, yay!
finally managed to download o2mania, super dooooper yay!! :D
i miss o2jam O: 've 1year+ since i last play it, yeah so now i really suck at it.
hm, but mushroom says there is a spirited away song inside(!),
but i cant seem to find it after trying so many songs and going forums to check it out,
boo ! does anyone know the song title ? ._.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
Wishing all Mothers a nice day,
& hope my mama is forever young and beautiful!

went to bugis ytd to buy mama's present,
wanted to go library study but it was closed on public holidays.
so went to bras pasar's mac to study, lots of ppl studying there sioh!
then papa came, and went to JuShiLin to baibai and ate abit.
went to badminton there, tried to study there but couldnt O:
then around 8went home, they say want to play bowling,
so bathed and papa dropped us off at marinebowl first
and fetched them here, then they played for 2rounds,
till about1+am, then papa sent them back and came home,
super tired, changed and went to sleep :D
woke up at 11am today by papa and went to market to eat,
preparing the ingredients later to cook for dinner loh!(:


yo sup! long time never came to blogger le, haha(:
woke at 5am today, woken by jiejie and th consistent thundering.
went toilet and stood at doorstep there looking at the super big rain,
and th wind, thunder, lightning.
super big can!! O: the sky keeps flashing and then comes the thunder.
tried to take the flashing, but so ugly ._.
then changed and went to stadium mac with papa jiejie korkor for breakfast,
shared hotcake and bigbreakfast with jiejie,
ate till the Sun finally set in and came home.
7.41am now, so early, teehee! :D

the lightning ? -.-

aw man, look at the sky! (: