yo, had super fun today!(:
morning woke up and went to meet xiner, was late, sorry :x
went to 108 and aft awhile shuting and jaslin came,
played played awhile and went to buy slippers cause jaslin's spoilt.
she didn't want to take my recommendation to buy the highhigh shoes TT
finally bought the slippers and took bus to bugis,
tuna had to wait for us for a long time, sorry ah :x
bought bbt and went to foodjunction for lunch,
wasn't hungry as i was too hungry before and drank bbt,
so shared the meal with shu ting and jaslin, then shannen came to join us.
went to look around for ahbao's present and finally bought it(:
aft that went to iluma to walk walk awhile and tuna went off,
then arcade, nothing much but they chased us out when we answered them we weren't 16,
guess they suspect we pon-tan school :O we're good kids okay! it's marking day!
and went to the baby arcade at BHG, playplay awhile,
xiner got to go home, she went home first while we decide our plan,
then decided to go home eat and go xiner's house there play bball.
came home, had a bath, ate dinner and went to meet shuting shannen jaslin,
and went to meet with xiner and his brother,
went to court but there wasnt any slot, but as we played, the boys went off :D
so fun lah, haha. ran like crazy and kept stepping on people's legs and stuff, oops.
then came home at 10, super tired :D!

yeah, getting results tml, i think i will fail hist, lit & hcl ..
hopeless, i dint finish hist essay cause i was stuck at section B,
unseen poetry for lit was totally terrible, dint understand the meaning of 'nostalgia',
and, i always get just pass for hcl tests, sigh .. :O