Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
Wishing all Mothers a nice day,
& hope my mama is forever young and beautiful!

went to bugis ytd to buy mama's present,
wanted to go library study but it was closed on public holidays.
so went to bras pasar's mac to study, lots of ppl studying there sioh!
then papa came, and went to JuShiLin to baibai and ate abit.
went to badminton there, tried to study there but couldnt O:
then around 8went home, they say want to play bowling,
so bathed and papa dropped us off at marinebowl first
and fetched them here, then they played for 2rounds,
till about1+am, then papa sent them back and came home,
super tired, changed and went to sleep :D
woke up at 11am today by papa and went to market to eat,
preparing the ingredients later to cook for dinner loh!(: