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yo, long time no post :O!
recently went to mysia on 23rd June, shop shop and came back.
've been playing sims3 on my korkor's laptop since,
lazy to on msn and so, haha :D finished up my homework, mostly.
left with a few blanks on English and alot on hcl ws.
went to Swee Chun to eat ytd night and talked about human origins,
whether we evolved from monkey, African origins or Jesus' creations :O
came home watched Da Vinci code till about 6am,
then was thinking about alot things and began googling untill 6.30am,
we went to sleep. i slept till 4pm then woke up, slept for 10hours :X!
yeah, later going to temple to help out :D

M'sia/ Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Papa!

yoyo! went to m'sia ytd by train, haha.
went there in the afternoon and reached the shoppping mall about 1hr+ later,
it was like super deserted there, mostly only ppl who came by train were there.
there's nothing to shop, so we went to the arcade.
it's super cheap lah, a round of basketball only cost 50cents!
how cheap is that :O! then ate lunch, teh bing was nice :D
then walk walk, went to the bowling place, surprisingly alot ppl.
papa korkor jiejie played 1 round of bowling,
after that we went to karaoke to sing songs, haha.
papa din't sing much, everytime he wants to sing, someone like press next song ._.
lol~ sang for 1hour and went to buy train tickets,
wanted to sit the last train back, but sat the previous train back.
the train was delayed then since it was here, just sat it.
had no time left to go minimart shop for things.. -.-
came back home and papa say 5am eat mac,
stayed up till 4.30am, wanted to sleep awhile..
but couldn't get up when papa …


ho, busy busy! been've going out this few days to prepare for xiner's belated celebration,
needed to meet up to do our projects, need to complete the english drama script, props..
band resumes next week, yeah, still need to practice!
celebrated mushroom's belated birthday today, not really surprising but did have fun,
sorry for tricking you into coming again xP!
we made our own waffle this time round with Ben's & Jerry's icecream!
haha, hope mushroom liked it anyways :D

random pictures:

bao's pikachu w/ tuna's hand

MVA bag

Night study at Mac



Somebody vandalising!

Shuting & Shannen mixing the waffle mix

Waiting for the waffle to cook~

SYF 09

SYF 2009, GM band!(:
found from yuyue's blog, haha

PC Show

went to PC show at suntec convention centre just now,
to look for 3 in 1 printer, digit camera and dvd players :O
seriously, i think dvd player is such a waste of money!
if you were to work and you play disks using a dvd player instead of a cd player,
does it make a difference? you can't keep your eyes on the dvd player right,
you have to attend to customers what, tsk, what a waste.
i think i saw bao's jiejie there, haha (:
only bought dvd players in the end, the printer we wanted was oos!
daddy came to fetch us, went to eat dinner and came home ~
what a boring day ._.
just woke up from a horrendous dream when jaslin called me,
shocked to know it's already 2pm, haha.
i've been sleeping for 12hours since 4am till now and yet i still feel tired :O
yeah, intended to sleep ytd at 12 am but got interested in the doomsday in 2012,
and went to search on dragons. (did they really exist?)
then papa say hungry and off we went to sweechun :D
came home, waited awhile for the supper to digest and went to sleep.
the ocean's so magnificent with all the marine creatures o_o!
i wish i can dive to the deepest ocean and witness it myself :O!


just finished watching Detective Conan's movies up till 12th,
sooooo nice!(: haha, waiting for the 13th: The Raven Chaser ~
meanwhile, i have no idea what to watch now..
maybe gonna watch all of Hayao Miyazaki's productions? :O


finished watching joongbo in WGM!
super funny, hilarious, nice, marvellous & touching!
why do they have to seperate, boohoo :O

Nobody - Wondergirls


We Got Married rocks! :D
HyunJoong HwangBo, Ssangchu hwaiting!
went to bugis ytd and came home at 7+pm,
watching WGM from then till now, haha :D
yeah im hungry, probably gonna sleep instead, sayo :D


gosh, it's been so long since i last posted, haha
yeah holidays are here, but i dont get the holiday mood :O!
got 3 projects(history,english,literature) to do, so troublesome
recently met up with my group since we're all in the same group for all 3,
we went to shannen's house discussed about th 3 projects and went to NAS.
unexpectedly small place, just kept reading and copying, boring~
yeah, then there's band which is quite boring also :O
& everyday i just wake up on com and read manga while playing RC,
haha, same routine everyday, so boring :D
wow, such a long post i have wrote!
i'm thinking if i should change my url too ? :D haha