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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Yo! My body's now aching with pain, gosh.
Mostly due to PE and the drills we had at band yesterday, i think.
Had band yesterday and played NDP songs till 5 and went out to march again.
Ran through the sequel for the NDP celebration,
I can't remember the notes for the slow march, Land of Hope And Glory!
Yeah, then rushed to library there to wait for daddy to finish with his chess,
Rushed back home, bathed and ate a little and off we went to Shaw Plaza.
Watched "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince",
Turned out it was still okay.. Expected it to be worse after so many spoilers ._.
Headed to Swee Choon to eat timsum, ate and went home,
Packed bag, played handphone games and slept at 12+..
Yeah, was hard to wake up this morning..
And I fell asleep during History lesson :X
Gonna march tomorrow at band with blazer on, god.
Hope no one would suffer from heatstroke! ._.

Ah yah, english drama project tml, and we're still doing last min changes.
Hope we can perform it next week! ._.


Yoyo, had public band performance on Sunday at Macpherson there,
thought it would be like in the cc but was like at the roadside.
Waited at the stage beside, had to put clarinet on the ground, so dirty :O
Audiences were like all Malays and when we performed, alot ppl left after eating..
And the stage was like so cramp and squeezy! ._.
Performed like no one's listening, then went back to school,
Kept things and got lunchbox to eat outside cms.
Yeah, had hcl remedial ytd to payback the lesson missed over the orals' last few weeks.
Had band today, played NDP songs and went on marching at around 5pm to around 6pm..
There's band on Wednesday Friday Saturday, hope we won't be marching for all the days ._.
it can be quite boring at times.. -.-

Geog test tml! Have to rmb everything again lah..
Wth siah, i don't think i can rmb as well as last time -.-
Yeah, so i've better go and study now!

absolute boyfriend

Yay! Haven't been touching the computer for the past 4 days :D
Great sense of achievement luhs! Been've studying at evenings these days (:
Lesson was as usual.. Except Thanksgiving's been postponed to 05/09 due to H1N1
Had band today, did some marching and full band..
There's band tml also! Not gonna sleep till i watched finish 'Absolute Boyfriend'!
Damn touching and sad.. :O Public Performance on Sunday!


Yo~ It's finally Friday! But there's still band tomorrow.. :O
Public performance's on 26 July, Sunday! Loads more to improve on!
Took our class photos today, I'll sure look retarded -.-

Went to do CIP at Harvest Care Centre on Thursday with 11 other people,
thought it would be super boring, but who knows! It was super fun!
Had fun opening goodie bags, packing dove in, opening new boxes of doves(with 24 doves in each boxes), opening new boxes of shoe bags(as goodie bags)!
Laughed like crazy at the beginning, Cindy was way too funny, haha! =D
Started working like machines, we scattered among ourselves at each station.
After awhile, some Raffles' guys came to help us and we kept doing,
and doing and doing, non-stop, and soon the place was filled rubbish!(one whole mountain of plastic bags/cardboards/boxes behind Cindy).
Changed jobs several times, and at last i became the rubbish cleaner :O
The place was just so filled with rubbish with no one cleaning up, i decided to clean up …

mj hoax death?

hey take a look at this site,
could it really be that Michael Jackson's death is a hoax ? :O
either way, i hope it's true, haha :D


yoyo, im blogging again~
finished reading 'Damaged' in just 3days, bwuhaha!
super nice and touching luh, whoever read it should cry ._.
looking foward to reading 'Hidden', anyone has it can lend it to me ? :X
whoots, finally completed the literature ppt.. :D
yeah, band tml, brought back home clarinet but dint practice at all :O!
photo-taking changed to friday cause quite a number of ppl were abs.
going to Harvest Care Centre on thursday for CIP to pack goodie bags! :D

I realise something, i can't seem to concentrate during science lessons .__.


yo, actually wanted to play bball tml at 9am with mushroom..
but went band just now and they just informed us that there's practice tml,
and it starts at 7.30am! wth lah.. no more beauty sleep ._.
yeah.. and there's hcl compo to do, dnt project, lit proj editing, eng drama lines,
some science revision(?) & i want to read my storybook!
how hardworking am i! teehee :D


heh heh, yeah, so i'm kind of like getting lazier to blog..
actually was wandering just now if i should on the computer,
but i still did, for the sake of bleach :b
recently changed seats again, still as boring..
had band today! was okay, but couldn't go to the toilet as there was still 'O' levels orals.
played a new piece, march together, quite okay, tired :O
yeah then, ciao!


R.I.P Michael Jospeh Jackson, the world loves you.. (:

yo, long time no blog!
yeah, recently had sore throat and flu, now cough, oh man.
changed seats also, now I'm sitting at the first row, how lucky -.-
changed of timetable also, there's more double periods of Eng now! :O
busy doing projects now, boring!