Yoyo, had public band performance on Sunday at Macpherson there,
thought it would be like in the cc but was like at the roadside.
Waited at the stage beside, had to put clarinet on the ground, so dirty :O
Audiences were like all Malays and when we performed, alot ppl left after eating..
And the stage was like so cramp and squeezy! ._.
Performed like no one's listening, then went back to school,
Kept things and got lunchbox to eat outside cms.
Yeah, had hcl remedial ytd to payback the lesson missed over the orals' last few weeks.
Had band today, played NDP songs and went on marching at around 5pm to around 6pm..
There's band on Wednesday Friday Saturday, hope we won't be marching for all the days ._.
it can be quite boring at times.. -.-

Geog test tml! Have to rmb everything again lah..
Wth siah, i don't think i can rmb as well as last time -.-
Yeah, so i've better go and study now!