Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Yo! My body's now aching with pain, gosh.
Mostly due to PE and the drills we had at band yesterday, i think.
Had band yesterday and played NDP songs till 5 and went out to march again.
Ran through the sequel for the NDP celebration,
I can't remember the notes for the slow march, Land of Hope And Glory!
Yeah, then rushed to library there to wait for daddy to finish with his chess,
Rushed back home, bathed and ate a little and off we went to Shaw Plaza.
Watched "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince",
Turned out it was still okay.. Expected it to be worse after so many spoilers ._.
Headed to Swee Choon to eat timsum, ate and went home,
Packed bag, played handphone games and slept at 12+..
Yeah, was hard to wake up this morning..
And I fell asleep during History lesson :X
Gonna march tomorrow at band with blazer on, god.
Hope no one would suffer from heatstroke! ._.

Ah yah, english drama project tml, and we're still doing last min changes.
Hope we can perform it next week! ._.