Yo~ It's finally Friday! But there's still band tomorrow.. :O
Public performance's on 26 July, Sunday! Loads more to improve on!
Took our class photos today, I'll sure look retarded -.-

Went to do CIP at Harvest Care Centre on Thursday with 11 other people,
thought it would be super boring, but who knows! It was super fun!
Had fun opening goodie bags, packing dove in, opening new boxes of doves(with 24 doves in each boxes), opening new boxes of shoe bags(as goodie bags)!
Laughed like crazy at the beginning, Cindy was way too funny, haha! =D
Started working like machines, we scattered among ourselves at each station.
After awhile, some Raffles' guys came to help us and we kept doing,
and doing and doing, non-stop, and soon the place was filled rubbish!(one whole mountain of plastic bags/cardboards/boxes behind Cindy).
Changed jobs several times, and at last i became the rubbish cleaner :O
The place was just so filled with rubbish with no one cleaning up, i decided to clean up ._.
Finally, after doing about 1.5hours of packing, we're done with all the goodie bags (:
I think we did the share of Friday's CIP people's work..?
Seeing the goodie bags we all packed is such a sense of achievement :D
(Oh yeah, the goodie bag(a shoe bag) contained 1 large bottle of Dove conditioner, 2 packets Bio-essence Whitening Cream, 1 acne cream thing, 1 stickkey, 1 dontknow what very expensive thing and a bottle of sports water)
Haha, then slacked around abit, boys played with the stickkey -.-
Then we had nothing to do, they let us put vouchers into envelopes, was quite boring..
Finished packing and sat around waiting for 6.30 till we signed off and went home(:

Look at the goodie bags we packed!! :D

Managed to took it, cheek cell :D

Hydrilla, plant cell!