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Happy Teachers' Day!

Thank you especially to Miss Magdalene Voo for teaching me English in Year 2007, haha(:

So yeah, performed as a calefare this morning, so many cameras! ._.
Faith 4-2 performance was damn nice okay, but there were technical faults..
After the performances by students, walked around the school.
Ended up cheering for Ms Cheng who was play volleyball in the ISH, haha.
Went to canteen afterwards, shared a ice-cream with Phyllis :O
Handed Miss Voo's card to phyllis, couldn't go back to pri sch, sigh..
Assembled back at the sch hall, then went to eat lunch, ate chicken rice,
heard that the pri school gate was only opening at 2pm, din't see quite a lot of ppl :O
Went for band.. Whole pri sch and sec sch had power failure,
no air-con.. Went for sectional and slacked :b
Went back to bandoom and had full band till 2.30pm, Mr Samuel decided to let us off early! :D
Intended to go back to pri sch but was told everyone was chased out at 2pm, LOL ._.
Yeah then c…

MJ widget

Hey, i thought i won't be blogging for a while but i found this!

Wow man(: it's so cool.
I'll just blog a little :O
Din't bring uniform today with phyllis and sin eing, i packed it nicely enough ytd,
think it was left out while changing my bag -.-
Had gemtime today so was called out by Miss Hariyati,
but she was so kind to let us off for the first time :D
Haha, anyways i shouldn't be using the com anymore,
there's Maths Common Test tml!
AH, but i can't concentrate on studying infront of my com, gonna off it :D

End Of PFT

WHOOOTS! PFT's finally over!
Yeap, had 5 stations today, 3A 2B 1C, 26 points..
I've gotten 28 points last year ley! ._______.
No fair luh! PFT took place earlier last year and i was counted 12 then,
yet this year I'm counted as a 14-year-old! How can this be!! :O
Was damn pissed with shuttle run, lost to Yu Xuan and Shannen by 0.1second,
no matter how many retest i tried i got slower and slower TT
After taking the 5stations, had 1 hour of recess to rest, hoho!
Sat around at 6A staircase after eating, we looked like some sort of gang, haha.
Had lessons as usual, did 默写 and actually managed to remember all of it :D
After school went to eat lunch, then suddenly mushroom and octopus came,
got my present and card, it was damn cute and nice siah, thanks!!
My present's edible, but it's way too cute, can't bear to eat it :X
Late for band, reached only at 3pm, had band as usual, super boooooring :O
Yeah, came home after band finished!
Pictures are all uploaded on fb: http://www.facebo…

Birthday :D

YO, Birthday today!
Thanks to all for your birthday wishes and presents!(:

Celebrated birthday with family yesterday, left early from band,
and went to around West Coast there to eat Korean cuisine :b
Din't knew there were like so many side dishes,
so papa ordered quite alot, couldn't finish the food even after stuffing inside :O
Had a bill of $238, it wasn't worth it at all cans, like almost half of the food weren't eaten ._.
Yeah, then had to rush from WestCoast to Shaw Plaza to catch G.I.Joe,
watched till 9+, was quite okay, i want to watch UP! :O
After watching came back home and did homework, went to sleep soon cause was too tired..
This morning woke up at 5.45+am due to vibrations of phone,
shuting really sent alot of msgs, haha, thanks!
Then went to school, had singspiration, went back to class and assembled at the Quadrangle.
Sec2 went to outside General Office, was the 1st batch to run.
Got number 15 tag, stomach was in a mess, breathing was difficult while waiting to start…

random; sweechun

YO! Haven't blog for some days le, i'm just too lazy :D
Got back into PetSociety lately cause of the new items,
but i think it will last only a few days more, haha.
Din't went to ahgong house today cause cousins were saying they are having exams..
Stayed at home all day till around 7, korkor and papa went for badminton,
din't want to go, jiejie was at bugis so mama and I went there :O
Chose my bagpack +v+ heh heh! Thanks xD
Then ate dinner at LongJohn, shared with jiejie cause she wasn't hungry..
Came home afterthat and was stuck infront of TV watching SilentHill with jiejie,
scary scary! At last Rose and her adopted child died, so sad ._.
Kept watching TV until we decided to eat supper at SweeChun again,
bathed, prepared and went to eat (: ate alot leh, haha.
& I'm soooo gonna get fat after this, eating supper at late midnight -.-
Pretty tired by now, but I'm waiting for my supper to digest before sleeping!
Yeah, I realised I've rarely posted pictures now,
I din&…

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

Happy 44th Birthday, Singapore!
Happy Belated Birthday, Elissa!
(Thanks for guiding me in band! Have a blessed Birthday!:D)

Stuck at home watching the National TV Show,
don't know why but i find it damn irritating and lame? :X
It's so boring.. Somehow I Don't feel the National Day spirit -.-
Gah, I want to eat Subway cookies!

National Day Celebration

Yoyo! :D today we celebrated National Day in school!
Band had to march in and perform, so had to wake at 5.15am,
get ready and board the first train service stated on the website.
Bao was waiting for me at the entrance, heihei.
Then went to bandroom, got ready and everything,
they provided burger for breakfast but dint ate it cause i ate coffee bun le :O
Waited at the place under the bridge and finally, the performance started.
Was quite nervous with so many people looking and photographers ._.
Finally finished, went back to bandroom, kept instruments,
announced the offcial step-down of the Majors and the current Majors.
& went to take band picture before fall-in :D
Afterthat went to the hall for the celebration,
was quite boring.. Just sang and sang and sang, not much fun..
Dismiss-ed, gotten the bag(blue!) for NDP and went to Primary School!
To visit Miss Voo! :D With shannen, alson, natalie, jolin, shuting, pamela & phyllis.
Miss Voo change appearance, abit! Then took pictures again using…


Hoho, long time no post! :D
Went to East Coast on Monday with friends since it was Thanksgiving in Lieu,
cycled a lot, subway cookie-d, arcade-d!
Was still okay, spent most of our time at arcade or at BK singing away :X
Yeah, then went back to arcade awhile to play and went home.
We've gotta assemble at quadrangle from today le, so boring ._.
And had PE today, had to run 6rounds, was feeling very weak after running,
hands were cold, lips was pale, legs were weak and was quite dizzy.
I've got a C, 15:40.. such a disappointment.. :O
Now my thighs are hurting for some reason i don't know, there's a sharp pain!
Band tomorrow! Should be rehearsing for NDP together with the whole parade or so.
Friday's NDP celebration! Such a rush..
Maybe going back to primary school on friday i guess (: