End Of PFT

WHOOOTS! PFT's finally over!
Yeap, had 5 stations today, 3A 2B 1C, 26 points..
I've gotten 28 points last year ley! ._______.
No fair luh! PFT took place earlier last year and i was counted 12 then,
yet this year I'm counted as a 14-year-old! How can this be!! :O
Was damn pissed with shuttle run, lost to Yu Xuan and Shannen by 0.1second,
no matter how many retest i tried i got slower and slower TT
After taking the 5stations, had 1 hour of recess to rest, hoho!
Sat around at 6A staircase after eating, we looked like some sort of gang, haha.
Had lessons as usual, did 默写 and actually managed to remember all of it :D
After school went to eat lunch, then suddenly mushroom and octopus came,
got my present and card, it was damn cute and nice siah, thanks!!
My present's edible, but it's way too cute, can't bear to eat it :X
Late for band, reached only at 3pm, had band as usual, super boooooring :O
Yeah, came home after band finished!
Pictures are all uploaded on fb: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=99948&id=848589123&ref=mf

Next week's Common Test for English, Maths & Science,
will also be having HCL Test on Monday! I'd better get studying soon!