Birthday :D

YO, Birthday today!
Thanks to all for your birthday wishes and presents!(:

Celebrated birthday with family yesterday, left early from band,
and went to around West Coast there to eat Korean cuisine :b
Din't knew there were like so many side dishes,
so papa ordered quite alot, couldn't finish the food even after stuffing inside :O
Had a bill of $238, it wasn't worth it at all cans, like almost half of the food weren't eaten ._.
Yeah, then had to rush from WestCoast to Shaw Plaza to catch G.I.Joe,
watched till 9+, was quite okay, i want to watch UP! :O
After watching came back home and did homework, went to sleep soon cause was too tired..
This morning woke up at 5.45+am due to vibrations of phone,
shuting really sent alot of msgs, haha, thanks!
Then went to school, had singspiration, went back to class and assembled at the Quadrangle.
Sec2 went to outside General Office, was the 1st batch to run.
Got number 15 tag, stomach was in a mess, breathing was difficult while waiting to start..
Kept stopping throughout the run until 4th round,
& waited for shannen to encourage me on everytime i stopped,
haha, when she pat me then i'll continue running again.. (:
At the last round, i was sprinting all i could and suddenly shannen sprinted past me from my left and jing xian sprinted past me from my right ._.
Ended up with jingxian- 10, shannen- 11, me- 12, all 15:19..
Nearly dropped to C :X Pamela, Jaslin, Xin er are all crazy people.. :O!
Then had lessons as usual. Did compo during HCL,
finished my compo just nice after the bell had rung.
Afterwards, Pamela asked me to accompany weilun to give him a present..?
So i like followed, until while going up the stairs, i had a premonition .____.
Started clinging unto the stairs but was pulled all the way up by Pamela!
Evil mama! Abduct own daughter TT!
Reached the classroom and was like.. :D i don't know?
Kinda mixed feelings :b then.. erh, blow candles? eat cake? recieved card and present?
Thanks Jassie, Pamela, Weilun, Alan, Huiting & Rahul! :D
Tried to smudge some cream on Huiting face too, then took pictures..
Slack aroud and went to library cause i forgotten to bring home my HCL tb for tml's 默写,
copied from Pamela, and read books of animals. I wanna see the abyssal fish!!
Slacked slacked.. Went to canteen and finally came home!
Reached home and opened presents, haha, had fun opening them xD
Gonna cut cake later.. :O~
Can't seem to upload pictures on blogger, gonna post it on fb then..

Oh! Today's the first day of lunar 7th month also!
May God bless each and every one of you from any of "them"! :X