Happy Teachers' Day!

Thank you especially to Miss Magdalene Voo for teaching me English in Year 2007, haha(:

So yeah, performed as a calefare this morning, so many cameras! ._.
Faith 4-2 performance was damn nice okay, but there were technical faults..
After the performances by students, walked around the school.
Ended up cheering for Ms Cheng who was play volleyball in the ISH, haha.
Went to canteen afterwards, shared a ice-cream with Phyllis :O
Handed Miss Voo's card to phyllis, couldn't go back to pri sch, sigh..
Assembled back at the sch hall, then went to eat lunch, ate chicken rice,
heard that the pri school gate was only opening at 2pm, din't see quite a lot of ppl :O
Went for band.. Whole pri sch and sec sch had power failure,
no air-con.. Went for sectional and slacked :b
Went back to bandoom and had full band till 2.30pm, Mr Samuel decided to let us off early! :D
Intended to go back to pri sch but was told everyone was chased out at 2pm, LOL ._.
Yeah then came back home and slept for 2hours till now :D
I'll be blogging lesser and lesser i guess, getting lazier :b

"Ah la peaceful melody"
Shit, Amelia's voice keeps repeating in my mind @_@