Hoho, long time no post! :D
Went to East Coast on Monday with friends since it was Thanksgiving in Lieu,
cycled a lot, subway cookie-d, arcade-d!
Was still okay, spent most of our time at arcade or at BK singing away :X
Yeah, then went back to arcade awhile to play and went home.
We've gotta assemble at quadrangle from today le, so boring ._.
And had PE today, had to run 6rounds, was feeling very weak after running,
hands were cold, lips was pale, legs were weak and was quite dizzy.
I've got a C, 15:40.. such a disappointment.. :O
Now my thighs are hurting for some reason i don't know, there's a sharp pain!
Band tomorrow! Should be rehearsing for NDP together with the whole parade or so.
Friday's NDP celebration! Such a rush..
Maybe going back to primary school on friday i guess (: