National Day Celebration

Yoyo! :D today we celebrated National Day in school!
Band had to march in and perform, so had to wake at 5.15am,
get ready and board the first train service stated on the website.
Bao was waiting for me at the entrance, heihei.
Then went to bandroom, got ready and everything,
they provided burger for breakfast but dint ate it cause i ate coffee bun le :O
Waited at the place under the bridge and finally, the performance started.
Was quite nervous with so many people looking and photographers ._.
Finally finished, went back to bandroom, kept instruments,
announced the offcial step-down of the Majors and the current Majors.
& went to take band picture before fall-in :D
Afterthat went to the hall for the celebration,
was quite boring.. Just sang and sang and sang, not much fun..
Dismiss-ed, gotten the bag(blue!) for NDP and went to Primary School!
To visit Miss Voo! :D With shannen, alson, natalie, jolin, shuting, pamela & phyllis.
Miss Voo change appearance, abit! Then took pictures again using Miss Voo's camera.
Hope she sends it to me, mwuahahha! xP
After Miss Voo shoo-ed us away, we went touring the school,
it changed a lot luhs.. not fair TT how come the school keeps improving after we left :O
Tour-ed, actually thought of joining Jaslin&co to see Da Vinci at Science Centre.
But at last we din't went but played badminton instead, at Chen Eng's house there.
Ate instant noodles and went to Shannen's place before going,
Shuting lent me her clothes, haha thanks :D
Kept playing badminton.. Was kinda boring,
i think i've a phobia of badminton, maybe cause i've watched my family play too much ._.
Yeah, then played and played, decided to get a drink :P
Bought BBT after much effort of searching and finally went back.
Drank finish le, stopped playing and came home smelly!
Bath-ed and went downstairs to dabao my dinner :D
Hallelujah, I've no idea why I'm looking forward to the pictures taken today :D