random; sweechun

YO! Haven't blog for some days le, i'm just too lazy :D
Got back into PetSociety lately cause of the new items,
but i think it will last only a few days more, haha.
Din't went to ahgong house today cause cousins were saying they are having exams..
Stayed at home all day till around 7, korkor and papa went for badminton,
din't want to go, jiejie was at bugis so mama and I went there :O
Chose my bagpack +v+ heh heh! Thanks xD
Then ate dinner at LongJohn, shared with jiejie cause she wasn't hungry..
Came home afterthat and was stuck infront of TV watching SilentHill with jiejie,
scary scary! At last Rose and her adopted child died, so sad ._.
Kept watching TV until we decided to eat supper at SweeChun again,
bathed, prepared and went to eat (: ate alot leh, haha.
& I'm soooo gonna get fat after this, eating supper at late midnight -.-
Pretty tired by now, but I'm waiting for my supper to digest before sleeping!
Yeah, I realised I've rarely posted pictures now,
I din't took as much as before but still i did,
but thinking of how troublesome it was to upload, i kept deleting them ._.
Maybe I'm gonna upload them soon.. :O