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Computer Day!

Yay, it's Computer Day!
Yeah I've stopped using computer since Monday :D
Hahaha, today was a mad day after school.
Going Ahgong's house tml, finally gonna cut hair shorter, it's so long :O
I wanna eat chocolate-coated Ice-cream!

Application form

I don't know why I'm blogging, haha :D
Gotten the application form today, had headache filling it.
Spent 2hours thinking for the answers of the 1st qns, so difficult to answer ._.
Came home and bought HL Milk from ShopnSave, just drank it.

Guess I've gotta start studying soon, EOY is drawing near!
So, yeah I'm gonna do my homework & rack my brains for to answer the form now, goodbye :D

changed blogskin

Hey, suddenly felt like changing my blogskin after a long time, so i did.
Removed the music player, still considering to put anot.
My blogskin's so black and white now, haha!
Still haven't done my homework and read my book, shit ._.

Band has ceased all practices until EOY are over :D

Band Exchange @ Manjusri/ Help out at Temple

Ah, feels so good after bathing :D
Have been spending my today with Band Exchange @ Manjusri and helping out at temple..
Quite worn-out, waiting for hair to dry now.

Woke up at 6+am and prepared, went to school,
fall in with instruments/files/stands and waited for our bus.
Octopus and yu yue didn't come today.. :O
Clarinets have the priority to sit in a small white van together!
Haha, I think it's more fun that way lah, more "feel" :b
Reached Manjusri Sec and set up instruments and went to MPH.
Grouped into different bands: Junior Band A/B, Senior Band A/B.
Was in the Senior Band B together with tuna, bao was in Band A D:
Had 2hrs of rehearsal in the MPH with our allocated band,
got to know other 3rd clarinets' names but didn't talk much.. :O
The MPH was super cold, the air-con kept blowing .__.
After rehearsal @ 11.45+pm, all of the bands gathered back and went to eat lunch.
Ate at the staircase with clarinet section of GM, was quite nice :D
Bought drink and went back MPH a…

Belated Bday Celebration! (Surprise)

Yeah, I'm blogging again today! It's another eventful day!(Thanks to Xin er, jaslin, shuting, shannen, phyllis, alson and zhi yong) :D
Last night, jaslin asked me out to go East Coast today, then i was ok..
Had to meet shannen phyllis alson zhiyong at 1pm today, but i was late :b
Shuting and jaslin said they jogging there, xiner said her dad's friend was bringing her..
Board bus 31, and went to East Coast, reached Subway.
Found xiner and walked towards her. Somehow i struggled after seeing the table with balloons.
Held unto shannen's bag and phyllis pushed me from infront and covered my eyes :O
Was actually afraid they would throw something on my face -_-!
Lucky it was just poppers, HAHA :D
Xiner jaslin and shuting were wearing the same top.
Then shannen gave me the same top and we went to change tgt, haha thanks!! :D
After returning, they were all at the sea filling up the waterguns and pump, LOL ._.
Only managed to snatch 2 small containers from a watergun.
Was chased and targete…

Telok Blangah Hill Park

Hey! Today was quite interesting, spent my day with the nature&family, haha(:
Woke up, bathed and went to eat breakfast with family at a Prawn Mee shop.
Didn't know where to go and korkor random suggested to go Henderson waves.
So bought drinks, ribena, went to Telok Blangah Hill Park & papa parked lorry there.
Started walking, it's so beautiful! Lucky the weather was quite cool :D
Went up the hill, took quite a lot of pictures, haha!(Will be posting on FB)
Papa's shoes broke halfway, but we insisted he kept it on :b
Saw squirrels, dogs, white-haired head bird and even saw someone playing clarinet or something! Couldn't see quite clearly, maybe it's a sop sax?(I took a video of the guy!)
Although only walked for a while and we headed back down,
we already walked for 2 hours, started at 2.30pm and came out at 4+pm.
It was quite fun! :D Papa says next time we should wear track shoes,
strap bottles of water at waist, bring a knife in case and etc,
then can really explore…

85th Thanksgiving

Haha, it was damn cool can! I mean the Thanksgiving service part, haha :D

Went to sch today at 12.45pm, was late to meet with yu yue :b
Saw the brass' playing to open the whole Thanksgiving!
And i saw miss voo, dragged her to buy Faith2-2's chocolate fondue, haha :D
Waited for tuna to come and toured around.
Jaslin joined us later and went to bandroom to put our stuffs.
Went around to slack, bought ice-cream, played a game.
Wasn't really fun, not much food to eat and games to play.. :O
Went to kitchen to see what our class was doing and brought icecream to phyllis.
Haha, then walked to and fro from kitchen to stall, slacked around.
At last went to the class stall to help out.
Dragged customers and help placed their orders haha, was quite tiring but fun :D
Walked around to finish up coupon, bought cup of corn and fruit punch to drink.
After finshing the coupon, went back to kitchen to slack :D
Had free UHT Fresh Milk with ice to drink! HAHAHA

Thanksgiving Rehearsal

Hey.. super tired today, woke up at 5am to study geog,
couldn't get in the stuffs into my head last night..
Had geog test today, mind gonna explode.
And had thanksgiving rehearsal today, full band in bandroom.
Wanted to create out the dark atmosphere of 8pm plus in the night and Mr. Samuel turned off all the lights in the bandroom and it was damn cool!
Played in the darkness, damn fun haha.
Then wore blazer and bought things to the field,
tuned and play pieces of songs, lol. Wasn't fun ._.
There were little primary kids doing like gymnastics or cheer leading, damn cute, haha.
Choir singing, GB's contingent. Went to MPR to rest,
had fun there being special crazy guests on 97.2fm custom radio broadcast by tuna..(:
Saw Mrs Shirley Lim also, hadn't seen her in ages omg!
Roar. Then went back to the field.. Just slacked, watched performance and chitchatted :O
Packed up around 9 and fall out, came home, bathed..
Super tired now and can't sleep …


Hey, hi, yo. :D I've been really lazy to post something here, haha :b
Yeah so, Thanksgiving's this Saturday..
Gonna have to stay back from 4-9.30pm tomorrow for Thanksgiving Rehearsal!
And Saturday too, have to stay till 9.30pm.. :O
Roar. I'm gonna miss my TV show!
Ah well, had History test today, i remembered all the answers, yay! :D
There's still Geog. test tomorrow, haven't study at all,
still planning to do chapter 6 and 7's notes. Did chapt. 5 notes last time :b
Still can't get myself into mugging mode, feel like watching shows..