85th Thanksgiving

Haha, it was damn cool can! I mean the Thanksgiving service part, haha :D

Went to sch today at 12.45pm, was late to meet with yu yue :b
Saw the brass' playing to open the whole Thanksgiving!
And i saw miss voo, dragged her to buy Faith2-2's chocolate fondue, haha :D
Waited for tuna to come and toured around.
Jaslin joined us later and went to bandroom to put our stuffs.
Went around to slack, bought ice-cream, played a game.
Wasn't really fun, not much food to eat and games to play.. :O
Went to kitchen to see what our class was doing and brought icecream to phyllis.
Haha, then walked to and fro from kitchen to stall, slacked around.
At last went to the class stall to help out.
Dragged customers and help placed their orders haha, was quite tiring but fun :D
Walked around to finish up coupon, bought cup of corn and fruit punch to drink.
After finshing the coupon, went back to kitchen to slack :D
Had free UHT Fresh Milk with ice to drink! HAHAHA
Cause there was a lot of leftovers, some even took the leftovers away ._.
Then went to bandroom to get band uniform to change,
brought instruments, files and stands over to the field.
Ate dinner at around 4+, and had soundcheck.
Played only some pieces: Recess Rock, Beautiful Saviour, Fanfare and School song.
Was chatting with tuna and bao during our free time, haha.
Had big light sticks to play with when we're playing school song!
Jason sponsored the whole band siah, haha, thanks :D
Then the Thanksgiving service continued..
After the Guests all went off, there's worshiping service!
it rock big time can! Haha, damn cool, whole band waving the light sticks in the dark!
Whole band sang and waved the light sticks like crazy.
Haha, then had to pack up and went back to bandroom,
changed back to sch shoes, kept instrument and waited for papa to come.
Got another red small lightstick from wunkhuan, ahaha thanks :D
Great, now my leg is aching from all the walking and jumping :O..!

I'm hungry and tired, haha :D