Band Exchange @ Manjusri/ Help out at Temple

Ah, feels so good after bathing :D
Have been spending my today with Band Exchange @ Manjusri and helping out at temple..
Quite worn-out, waiting for hair to dry now.

Woke up at 6+am and prepared, went to school,
fall in with instruments/files/stands and waited for our bus.
Octopus and yu yue didn't come today.. :O
Clarinets have the priority to sit in a small white van together!
Haha, I think it's more fun that way lah, more "feel" :b
Reached Manjusri Sec and set up instruments and went to MPH.
Grouped into different bands: Junior Band A/B, Senior Band A/B.
Was in the Senior Band B together with tuna, bao was in Band A D:
Had 2hrs of rehearsal in the MPH with our allocated band,
got to know other 3rd clarinets' names but didn't talk much.. :O
The MPH was super cold, the air-con kept blowing .__.
After rehearsal @ 11.45+pm, all of the bands gathered back and went to eat lunch.
Ate at the staircase with clarinet section of GM, was quite nice :D
Bought drink and went back MPH afterwards, had sectional.
Was damn boring can, didn't practice anything and basically, slacked! -.-
Tuna played the Twilight movie sent by bao, but it was too noisy,
couldn't hear what they were saying so tuna was like anyhow saying their lines.
Haha, yeah. Then finally it was 2.30pm, and went back MPH.
They made us seat at our positions and go off again so as to confirm our seating arrangement.
Lol, then Senior Band A started playing, followed by Junior Band A&B.
Took photos of Bao :D She was hiding behind a tuba! Couldn't capture her face ._.
Then we performed, and after that we went back a classroom to keep our things..
Fall in and went back to school in a big big bus :O.
Kept things, fall out and came home..
Bathed and off we went to temple to help out.
Missed the chance to eat @ the Mac's while i was at the Exchange in the morning,
not fair siah, damn it -.-
Then helped out at the temple from 6+ till the end of the day..
Ah, what a boring day, really tired, gonna do my homework tml!