Belated Bday Celebration! (Surprise)

Yeah, I'm blogging again today! It's another eventful day!(Thanks to Xin er, jaslin, shuting, shannen, phyllis, alson and zhi yong) :D
Last night, jaslin asked me out to go East Coast today, then i was ok..
Had to meet shannen phyllis alson zhiyong at 1pm today, but i was late :b
Shuting and jaslin said they jogging there, xiner said her dad's friend was bringing her..
Board bus 31, and went to East Coast, reached Subway.
Found xiner and walked towards her. Somehow i struggled after seeing the table with balloons.
Held unto shannen's bag and phyllis pushed me from infront and covered my eyes :O
Was actually afraid they would throw something on my face -_-!
Lucky it was just poppers, HAHA :D
Xiner jaslin and shuting were wearing the same top.
Then shannen gave me the same top and we went to change tgt, haha thanks!! :D
After returning, they were all at the sea filling up the waterguns and pump, LOL ._.
Only managed to snatch 2 small containers from a watergun.
Was chased and targeted, the watergun wasn't of any use! D:
At last, I got wet from head to toe, was shot by Xin Er numerous times with the pump .____.
Even fell down on the sand and it was so sandy! :O
We had a building sand mountain competition, Jaslin, shuting & zhiyong one group.
And shannen, phyllis, xin er, alson and me one group.
Haha, build and build and couldn't stand the pain of sand in my leg to bend so i didn't build much..
Then, we dug holes in the sand to collect the water!
Xiner and me dug one, alson zhiyong phyllis dug another one,
then we connected the two holes after much effort.
Shu ting and jaslin eventually dug another hole and connected to it!
Was quite fun(: Then took some photos,went to wash-up.
Didn't change any clothes though.. Just washed myself of the sand.
Came dripping wet from the shower room, was damn cold.. :O
Ate snacks and drinks bought by them, played a while, waited for clothes to dry abit.
Walked out of East Coast and board bus to parkway..
Went to Swensen's, ate Fish & Chips, ate for very long.
Was very full but nobody wanted to help me eat.. Had to eat it all by myself ._.
Then zhi yong and shu ting ordered ice-cream to eat, they eat damn fast sioh.
Had bill, $130+ i think. They didn't want me to pay but treated me.
Thanks alot, haha! Although it feels kinda weird.. :O
After that, went to Auntie Annes' to buy something, and came home..
Took quite a lot of pictures today, jaslin&xiner wouldn't let me upload it on fb w/o locking it,
so only those who went today would get access to the photos on fb(: