Telok Blangah Hill Park

Hey! Today was quite interesting, spent my day with the nature&family, haha(:
Woke up, bathed and went to eat breakfast with family at a Prawn Mee shop.
Didn't know where to go and korkor random suggested to go Henderson waves.
So bought drinks, ribena, went to Telok Blangah Hill Park & papa parked lorry there.
Started walking, it's so beautiful! Lucky the weather was quite cool :D
Went up the hill, took quite a lot of pictures, haha!(Will be posting on FB)
Papa's shoes broke halfway, but we insisted he kept it on :b
Saw squirrels, dogs, white-haired head bird and even saw someone playing clarinet or something! Couldn't see quite clearly, maybe it's a sop sax?(I took a video of the guy!)
Although only walked for a while and we headed back down,
we already walked for 2 hours, started at 2.30pm and came out at 4+pm.
It was quite fun! :D Papa says next time we should wear track shoes,
strap bottles of water at waist, bring a knife in case and etc,
then can really explore the forest and walk into it instead of taking the main roads.
I wanna try that man! Although it's like quite scary :O
After that we went to Sheng Siong to buy some timsum to heat.
Came home and ate timsum and dinner, was damn full.
Ah.. Going out tomorrow to East Coast again with friends, hope it will be fun! :D

Watch this,, cool sioh!