Thanksgiving Rehearsal

Hey.. super tired today, woke up at 5am to study geog,
couldn't get in the stuffs into my head last night..
Had geog test today, mind gonna explode.
And had thanksgiving rehearsal today, full band in bandroom.
Wanted to create out the dark atmosphere of 8pm plus in the night and Mr. Samuel turned off all the lights in the bandroom and it was damn cool!
Played in the darkness, damn fun haha.
Then wore blazer and bought things to the field,
tuned and play pieces of songs, lol. Wasn't fun ._.
There were little primary kids doing like gymnastics or cheer leading, damn cute, haha.
Choir singing, GB's contingent. Went to MPR to rest,
had fun there being special crazy guests on 97.2fm custom radio broadcast by tuna..(:
Saw Mrs Shirley Lim also, hadn't seen her in ages omg!
Roar. Then went back to the field.. Just slacked, watched performance and chitchatted :O
Packed up around 9 and fall out, came home, bathed..
Super tired now and can't sleep cause i sort of like just ate supper- rice + chicken! (not chicken rice -.-)
Yeah, struggling to keep my eyelids open, i'm like dozing off in front of the comp..
Tml's 85th Thanksgiving, looking forward to it totally man!
Though still need to bring full band uni to change for performance later at night..
Hope will get to see Miss Voo.. Have an enjoyable and fun time.. :D