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Shopping @ Parkway

HEY! Gotten back our results slip today,
actually i was quite satisfied with my results and position initially,
but after knowing the scary results of F2-1, i was like.. ._.
I'm in a state of dilemma, hoping to get triple science to try & study,
not hoping to get triple science in fear of not being able to cope well ._.
Roar. After school went to parkway with Shannen Phyllis Faith ZhiYong Ronald Damien,
to buy dry snacks and drinks for tomorrow's class BBQ!
Went around Cold Storage, NTUC, Giants to shop.
Tiring sioh, but the trip was quite funny :D haha

I don't know if i should be sad or happy, lol.
Sad for the year is ending, marking an end to our class, F2-2! T.T
Happy that the Hols are coming and we're gonna have a class BBQ!
And staying over at sheryl's house with some people(:
Plus going to wake up damn early on Saturday to get to sch on time for band.
HAHAHA, tomorrow tomorrow! :D

NE Learning Journey

Hey hey, 2 more days till last day of school!
Went on NE Learning Journey trip today, went to Fort Canning- Battlebox,
and also went to the Kranji War Cemetery..
Took damn loads of pictures and currently having trouble uploading,
can't use the uploader & i've gotta use the simple uploader, wth!
Yeah, quite fun and seriously i learnt alot(:
& also due to waking up @ 5.30am in preparation of the secret activity(quite a success!),
and the band practice after NE Learning Journey trip,
my eyes are getting heavy sooooo heavy now ._.
I haven't even bath lah, LOL..
Great, to think i still want to play o2jam :O

What disappointment, only getting to know what subj combi we are taking on November 16th, will only get back result slip tml, sigh..

14th's song(Tsunaide Te ni Kiss wo)

Favourite part of Episode 93(:

I love this piece! ♥-♥
It's so touching and beautiful.(:
Haha random, it stills stay etched to my mind.
Beware it's a contagious song! Makes your mind filled with it @.@

Soshite bouya wa nemuri ni tsuite
Ikizuku hai no naka no honoo
Hitotsu, futatsu to Ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao
Daichi ni taruru ikusen no
Yume, yumeGin no hitomi no yuragu yoru ni
Umare o chita kagayaku omae
Ikuoku no toshitsuki ga
Ikutsu inori o tsuchi e kaeshite moWatashi wa inori tsuzukeru
Dou ka kono ko ni ai o
Tsunai da te ni kisu wo

In-line skating

Bah, actually wanted to post just now but fell asleep :D
Another post-exam day today, played in-line skating in the morning!
Hadn't been skating for so long le, haha.
After skating under the hot sun, me shuting and yuyue took a bath.
Just ran ourselves with cool water, shiok seh!
Haha, then yeah. Did a survey, attended the drawing cartoon workshop again.
Everything the guy taught and draw is the same as last year lah...
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's morning, gonna go school early.
Hopefully i will get to see something nice! :D HAHA
Tml's post activity, NE learning journey, wonder where will we be going..?
I bought chips to bring tml anyway, teehee :D
However, there's band tomorrow @ 1.45pm sioh,
What a life. ._.

Sport Marathon

Hey, I'm so drained, have been playing sports almost everyday(:
Played bball the day before yesterday, tennis the day before and bball today!
Today(Moderation Day), had band in the morning from 8am-12pm.
Practically had warm-up for whole 2 hours..
Had a break and spent the remaining 2 hours sight reading new pieces..
After band, went with Jaslin to eat rotiprata at the coffee shop near NTUC.
Supposedly meeting YuYue and Shannen @ 1pm,
but YuYue said she will only reach at 2+pm and Shannen, at 3+pm..
So went to NLB and slacked, chatted and read books.
YuYue came, continued reading and went to find Shuting at 108.
Afterawhile, Shannen came and then we started playing :D
Played all the way till around 7+pm, super tiring but it was fun!
Haha, ran alot, jumped alot, threw alot :D
Now i've got broken blisters on my toes, pain sioh D:
Yeah, & now, I am finally able to play o2jam! (AngelJam)
HAHA, phyllis still can't play :B I'm getting rusty!
Ah, anyone playing? IGN: 'MONSTER' :D

subject combination

Gotten back all results today!
Just submitted the subj. combination for courses,
chose triple sciences, double maths, ss/geog..
Hope i can get in and cope with all the subjs ._.
Quite satisfied with this EOY results, 5A 2B 2C!
Bs- English & Literature.
Cs- Art & Dnt.
It's the worse exam result siah, surely will pull down overall % D:

Yeah.. And also, i can't download the o2jam file!
And i can't find any other o2jam servers D: I WANT PLAY!

Post-exam School

Went Kbox ytd! Cause the web says Escape isn't open, yeah.
Went to downtown east still to register for the NeBo Quest again,
but Shu Ting couldn't made it and we didn't have enough people, so didn't join ._.
Sang from 2+ to 6+, haha, quite an experience :D
They keep saying my hair like Tako D: I'm thinking of cutting my hair short seriously.
Haha. Nearly didn't woke up today, kept thinking today was Saturday ._.
Yeah, luckily i woke up at 6.48am, rushed to shower and wasn't late at all.
Only gotten some results today: Science, Art, Maths.
Quite happy with Science cause i reached my aim :D
Anticipating to get back Literature, Dnt, History! Hope i will pass all 3!
No school on Monday due to Deepavali, don't know if going out anot.

Yay, tml is my Great-aunt's 70th Birthday!
Gonna eat at some restaurant :D!


Seriously beat man, fancy waking up at 4am everyday just to study ._.
Had our last paper Maths P2 and D&T, followed by English and Chinese orals.
And honestly, i flunked the whole D&T paper man.
Section A and Section B i was like tikam-ing my answers,
wrote down what came to my mind and futhermore,
i didn't complete the Section C which will help to attain marks one lah.
Yeah, then oral was super scary, during English oral the teacher prompted me 4 times D:
Was the last person of the group, so i was the timer, bored seh.
Then came home with Jaslin and Xiner.
Don't know if going out tml a not lol, if not i'm gonna sleep till i recover all my beauty sleep :D
Not really feeling relieved though, getting back the disastrous results on Friday le ._.
God bless.

& i heard from Yu Yue that Detective Conan 13th Movie: The Raven Chaser is out!
HALLELUJAH, like finally, haha :D

EOY 2009

Woah it's super cold now with the rain and the wind, nice weather for sleeping :D
Finished with most EOY papers- English/ Chinese/ History/ Maths P1/ Geog/ Science!
Left w/ tml's Literature & Art and Thursday's Dnt & Maths P2!
Hooray! :D But Ms Cheng say paper 2 will be very difficult :O lol
Yeah I'm gonna flunk my science like shit, no confidence at all lah -.-