October 14, 2009


Seriously beat man, fancy waking up at 4am everyday just to study ._.
Had our last paper Maths P2 and D&T, followed by English and Chinese orals.
And honestly, i flunked the whole D&T paper man.
Section A and Section B i was like tikam-ing my answers,
wrote down what came to my mind and futhermore,
i didn't complete the Section C which will help to attain marks one lah.
Yeah, then oral was super scary, during English oral the teacher prompted me 4 times D:
Was the last person of the group, so i was the timer, bored seh.
Then came home with Jaslin and Xiner.
Don't know if going out tml a not lol, if not i'm gonna sleep till i recover all my beauty sleep :D
Not really feeling relieved though, getting back the disastrous results on Friday le ._.
God bless.

& i heard from Yu Yue that Detective Conan 13th Movie: The Raven Chaser is out!
HALLELUJAH, like finally, haha :D

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