In-line skating

Bah, actually wanted to post just now but fell asleep :D
Another post-exam day today, played in-line skating in the morning!
Hadn't been skating for so long le, haha.
After skating under the hot sun, me shuting and yuyue took a bath.
Just ran ourselves with cool water, shiok seh!
Haha, then yeah. Did a survey, attended the drawing cartoon workshop again.
Everything the guy taught and draw is the same as last year lah...
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's morning, gonna go school early.
Hopefully i will get to see something nice! :D HAHA
Tml's post activity, NE learning journey, wonder where will we be going..?
I bought chips to bring tml anyway, teehee :D
However, there's band tomorrow @ 1.45pm sioh,
What a life. ._.