NE Learning Journey

Hey hey, 2 more days till last day of school!
Went on NE Learning Journey trip today, went to Fort Canning- Battlebox,
and also went to the Kranji War Cemetery..
Took damn loads of pictures and currently having trouble uploading,
can't use the uploader & i've gotta use the simple uploader, wth!
Yeah, quite fun and seriously i learnt alot(:
& also due to waking up @ 5.30am in preparation of the secret activity(quite a success!),
and the band practice after NE Learning Journey trip,
my eyes are getting heavy sooooo heavy now ._.
I haven't even bath lah, LOL..
Great, to think i still want to play o2jam :O

What disappointment, only getting to know what subj combi we are taking on November 16th, will only get back result slip tml, sigh..