Post-exam School

Went Kbox ytd! Cause the web says Escape isn't open, yeah.
Went to downtown east still to register for the NeBo Quest again,
but Shu Ting couldn't made it and we didn't have enough people, so didn't join ._.
Sang from 2+ to 6+, haha, quite an experience :D
They keep saying my hair like Tako D: I'm thinking of cutting my hair short seriously.
Haha. Nearly didn't woke up today, kept thinking today was Saturday ._.
Yeah, luckily i woke up at 6.48am, rushed to shower and wasn't late at all.
Only gotten some results today: Science, Art, Maths.
Quite happy with Science cause i reached my aim :D
Anticipating to get back Literature, Dnt, History! Hope i will pass all 3!
No school on Monday due to Deepavali, don't know if going out anot.

Yay, tml is my Great-aunt's 70th Birthday!
Gonna eat at some restaurant :D!