Shopping @ Parkway

HEY! Gotten back our results slip today,
actually i was quite satisfied with my results and position initially,
but after knowing the scary results of F2-1, i was like.. ._.
I'm in a state of dilemma, hoping to get triple science to try & study,
not hoping to get triple science in fear of not being able to cope well ._.
Roar. After school went to parkway with Shannen Phyllis Faith ZhiYong Ronald Damien,
to buy dry snacks and drinks for tomorrow's class BBQ!
Went around Cold Storage, NTUC, Giants to shop.
Tiring sioh, but the trip was quite funny :D haha

I don't know if i should be sad or happy, lol.
Sad for the year is ending, marking an end to our class, F2-2! T.T
Happy that the Hols are coming and we're gonna have a class BBQ!
And staying over at sheryl's house with some people(:
Plus going to wake up damn early on Saturday to get to sch on time for band.
HAHAHA, tomorrow tomorrow! :D