Sport Marathon

Hey, I'm so drained, have been playing sports almost everyday(:
Played bball the day before yesterday, tennis the day before and bball today!
Today(Moderation Day), had band in the morning from 8am-12pm.
Practically had warm-up for whole 2 hours..
Had a break and spent the remaining 2 hours sight reading new pieces..
After band, went with Jaslin to eat rotiprata at the coffee shop near NTUC.
Supposedly meeting YuYue and Shannen @ 1pm,
but YuYue said she will only reach at 2+pm and Shannen, at 3+pm..
So went to NLB and slacked, chatted and read books.
YuYue came, continued reading and went to find Shuting at 108.
Afterawhile, Shannen came and then we started playing :D
Played all the way till around 7+pm, super tiring but it was fun!
Haha, ran alot, jumped alot, threw alot :D
Now i've got broken blisters on my toes, pain sioh D:
Yeah, & now, I am finally able to play o2jam! (AngelJam)
HAHA, phyllis still can't play :B I'm getting rusty!
Ah, anyone playing? IGN: 'MONSTER' :D
Lol, yeah. Tomorrow's Ahgong's birthday! Gonna celebrate!
'O' Levels is approaching! Jiayou Tay Yuke Jen! :D