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Band & Work

Okay, so I'm back from band and work, super tired.
Almost didn't want to wake up again, but still did.
Bathed, got ready and daddy sent me to school, lol.
Had band, sight-read two pieces, one of them was 'Jericho'.
I suck :( couldn't follow the many many running notes and so.
But Mr. Samuel say most probably it will be our choice piece for SYF,
and the running notes can be solved, only that our brass has to be powerful :O
I don't want! It doesn't sound really nice .___. I want merry widow, hahaha.
During work today i was like damn listless.
Lucky my partner was so kind to cover up for me alot of times while i just spaced out there, HAHAHA. I did 1 meltz today by myself when she was not around!
Mdm say i could learn to make burgers today but it didn't happen, again ):
Finally, it was time to go home. Changed and waited for a colleague who lived at
the same area also. Boarded bus together and came home :D
And i just found out that my roster is not fixed one!
I'm wo…


Wtf? Pissed off now.
Don't know how to check and print say lah.
Start printing, print out so many pieces.
One by one print out, one by one kana thrashed and thrown on the floor.
Please lah, wasting paper, killing trees, wasting ink, killing money and effort, then demanding to buy ink, blaming the printer for being lousy for not able to print 'alot'.
It's a home printer okay, not like some office printer.
Office got printer don't want print there say they anyhow, please hor.
Print out not up to satisfaction is fcuking because own self never check properly and started printing alot of it out lah, then anyhow blame printer, comp.(Saying printer programme stupid)
Now what. Finally gave up to the office printer cause you aren't able to print it saying it's too much huh.
'A bad workman always blames his tools', how true.
Only it adds up with owns stupidity and attitude, act dua lah.


I'm using the computer! Didn't get to use it yesterday, hahaha.
Yesterday i slept for 13hours, woke up at 4 until Jaslin called me, LOL.
Had work at 5, so i bathed, rushed and went off to work.
I also didn't set alarm, didn't knew i was gonna sleep for so long :O
Work till 11, was still super busy due to the crowd.
So i worked till 12 instead, but Mdm Rose let me go off earlier to catch the bus.
Then i called daddy and he came to pick me up(I get to cheat a few mins of work!) :D
Came home super tired, watched tv, bathed, watched tv and slept!
And i've received letter from MOE regarding Bursary, hahaha! :D
Yeah man! Gonna go papa's workplace for dinner again later :D
Work and band tml :O what a busy day.


So tired! Woke at 8+am today, bathed and went to papa's workplace to eat.
For Hari Raya Haji, haha, i love the mutton! :D
Then sent papa's workers to Singapore Zoological and we came home.
Used com till 3.20 and went for work, was raining heavily..
Reached there, it had stopped raining but shoes and socks were already all wet :O
Workwork, did till 11pm today, cause got double pay, yay! :D:D:D
I hope got more public holidays, hahahaha.
Working tomorrow also, not going ahgong house!


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I've slept for too long!
Just woke up, slept at 5+pm, intended to wake up 7pm.
But I've missed out the alarm and slept for 4hours instead.
Shitz, eating my dinner now, what a screwed up life routine ._.
Anyway went to play bball in the morning till 3+pm, came home, bathed, com-ed, and slept.
Till now. Gonna work again tml, double pay! YAY!
Hari Raya Haji rocks :D hahahaha.


Back from another day of band and work.
Super tired now, i guess it's due to the long hours of standing and so.
Woke up at 8, bathed and went for band, played Enchanted..
Then fall in, was held back as they say our group didn't shout, lol.
Did alot of times till they finally agreed to let us go, had to bring home Clarinet.
Rushed to GEL to return library book while Octopus waited for me at the mrt.
Came home, ate lunch, changed clothes, played com and went for work.
I'm. So. Not. Looking. Forward. To. Working. -.-
Ate KFC as dinner again, getting sick of it, ate 1pc of chicken and fries + cheese.
Finally, the clock struck 10pm and i was finally able to go.
Changed back to my clothes, board the bus and came home.
Now my whole body is aching, i'm growing fatter and fatter day by day ._.
Aren't working people supposed to lose more weight?
But i guess it results to nothing but aching while i eat KFC everytime i work -.-


Went out today to Choong's Clinic this morning at 9+am..
Had a hard time waking up, kept snoozing the alarm from 8am till 8.40am ._.
Reached, had the Typhoid vaccination and medical check-up.
Kept on reading the paper stating if i was fit to work carefully..
I got the paper, took bus 31 to Kallang mrt and train-ed to Dhoby Ghaut mrt.
On the way i was still thinking about the paper..
Met with Phyllis at the mrt, read book while waiting for Shannen to arrive.
Went Plaza Sing, showed the paper to them.
Apparently, i was right, LOL.
The boxes for:'Any abnormality detected in heart/lungs/abdomen/urine' were all ticked o_o
This means i got heart/lungs/abdomen/urine problem?!
But during the check-up the doctor even said I'm okay :O
Weird huh, gonna go earlier tml to ask the doctor before work!
Yeah, so bought tickets, ate lunch, walked walked, watched Gokusen!
Quite nice, but i never watch the drama series, not as touching.. :O
After the movie, we walked around while Phyllis bought her brot…


Ha, back from another day of work..
Was so reluctant to leave comfy house and face the hot and oily place x.x
Didn't get to learn anything about burger station today..
Just did as per normal, and scalded my hand D:D:
My duty roster have been fixed! Working 4days per week.
Tomorrow still have to take Typhoid Vaccination and a medical check-up..
Guess i gonna go earlier and meet Phyllis and Shannen afterwards to watch Gokusen.
Bah, today is my partner who is working at the burger station's last day of work.
Wonder who i am gonna partner with next.. Roar.. :O


Bah, back from another day of band and work, tired eh.
Woke up at 8, prepared and went for band.
Had full band, sectionals from 10.30-11.30, lunch, full band(rehearsal)
Band ended at 3.15pm, was due to start work at 4pm & still hadn't fall out..
Asked matong if i could leave, and finally zhihao let me leave, yay! :D
Rushed, and went to work, was only a bit late, heh.
Then yeah.. Wanted to have fries and a piece of original chicken for dinner.
But after i took the fries, realised there wasn't anymore original D:
However, one of my colleague made me a Zinger burger! HEHE
So i had a zinger burger and cheese fries for dinner, ate till i was super full.
Didn't dare to throw away any food so i forced myself to eat all ._.
Continued work and around 9+, saw my jiejie waiting outside for me, haha.
She bought popcorn to eat! I fry one okay! :D
Work work till 10 then talked with Madam and came home.
Oh and i got my band tee! Yay! :D:D:D:D
But i am wearing the band boots to work at kfc,
and there…

Work work!

I finally got a part time job, yay! HAHAHA! :D
Today is my first day of work! Yesterday was just training day.
Worked for 6 hours today, from 4pm-10pm.
Working at KFC, haha. In-charged of fries/popcorns/fishsizzles/drumlets/winglets.
Quite tiring, hands pain, back pain, leg pain x.x
Gonna have band tml from 9am-3pm then going to work at 4pm again :D
I hope i get to learn how to make burgers, HAHAHA!
Oh anyway i got the 8subjects i wanted, going faith32 next year :D


Yay yay so happy! :D
I just read Kyou Koi wa Hajimemasu from chapts 38-49!!
It's been so long, onemanga didn't update, so i went to find on my own!
Found raws, downloaded and found real good summaries of each chapt!
:D:D I'm getting so proud of myself, LOL *bigsmile*
Achieved a great sense of satisfaction today huh, HAHAHA.


Mangakas are tormentors..
I can't wait anymore for Ouran High and Skip Beat to release the next chapter!
Ouran only comes out on 26th nov and Skip Beat on 5th dec..
Seriously, anticipating!!!! Tamaki & Haruhi!
LOL, i wish Tsuruga Ren would kiss Kyoko o-o!! Ugh..
Isn't Skip Beat supposed to be bi-weekly released?
The last released was like 23oct, it's already nearly a month gone!

Okay shit. Now my brain is full of Skip Beat, and i've gotta wait that long.
Damned. ._____________.



To download most of the theme songs:

To download the (alot alot alot alot) OST:


Hey, muscle ache all over, went to play bball today haha :D
Ah there's band tml, and there will be band tee!
But, i heard that it is.. not quite nice?(!) :X
Why do we have to pay $20 for 1 single shirt when so many people is buying? :O
Lol, maybe gonna play bball again after school :D yay~
Anyway, heard from YuYue we will be getting the results for subj. combi on 17nov..
I'm in a state of delusion, hoping to get triple sciences, hoping not to.. .____.
& also, i haven't found a confirmed part time job! ROAR!

Student leader activity/band/plaza sing!

Okay, was quite pissed today in the morning.
Woke up, went school earlier to get the excuse letter from band for Mr Kang to sign.
He signed, and i carried on with the activity, thinking to give the letter later.
Just finishing the whacko game, sec2 band members were called out.
They say can't excused us from band, wtf?
I've already told Ms Rabiah last time and she said just write an excuse letter,
and get Mr Kang to acknowledged to sign it & i can be excused.
Now they say we can't be excused, and what's more.
They were just having sectionals all the way lah.. -'-
Roar, kns. Ah, so i just carried on w/ the sectionals,
teaching junior, Si Ting, to play the scale, yeah.
While i was coaching, evil bao and lina came to disturbed me!
They played with me hair and tickled my neck and ears! >:O
Making me unable to concentrate, and then.. we were slacking, lmao.
Had fun pulling lina's and bao's shoelaces and stuffs, haha :D
Went back t…

Jobs jobs!


LOOK AT THIS, LOL!(Sorry i creeped out so much i couldn't take a good picture of him)
But seriously, he looked damn alike in real life okay!
Anyway he saw me twice when i secretly took picture of him :X
Freaked me out like shit, it's like a cartoon character standing infront of my eyes lah -.-
(Can find the picture here:

Yeah so, damn tired siah, just came back from finding part-time jobs(:
Woke up today at 8+, met w/ shuting & boarded bus 11 to Kallang Leisure Park.
Reached there, didn't know how to walk to the Mac,
practically walked for 1hour around KLP under the hot sun XD
Walked walked, asked direction and finally reached.
Went to apply for the KFC job, hopefully it calls us T.T
Then went to Mac, colene left already, they don't re…

Sleepover/ Band/ Home

HELLO! I just woke up haha, yeah it's now 3.20am!
& I've just slept from 1+pm after band till now(:
Was too tired not sleeping after the class sleepover and going band..
That's why i just headed for bed after band once i came home and boom!
Slept for 14hours straight, and i can't go back to bed now :O
Okay, Friday was the last day of school..
Forgotten what we did in class, after school had Student Council meeting.
After that rushed home and prepared like mad as I was running late,
then suddenly say there was a change of time and plan.
At last Shuting, Shannen, Yu yue and me waited at cityhall mrt for 1+hour -.-
Then they finally came and went together to Sheryl's house @ Kembangan.
It was damn big sioh, everything's so cool! :D
Was quite bored there, people were waiting to play guitar heroes,
so i just ate and slacked around, talked abit with Ms Cheng and Mdm Chua.
Soon they left.. Then around 10.30pm, those not sleeping over went off..
Wanted to play bball but reached t…