Back from another day of band and work.
Super tired now, i guess it's due to the long hours of standing and so.
Woke up at 8, bathed and went for band, played Enchanted..
Then fall in, was held back as they say our group didn't shout, lol.
Did alot of times till they finally agreed to let us go, had to bring home Clarinet.
Rushed to GEL to return library book while Octopus waited for me at the mrt.
Came home, ate lunch, changed clothes, played com and went for work.
I'm. So. Not. Looking. Forward. To. Working. -.-
Ate KFC as dinner again, getting sick of it, ate 1pc of chicken and fries + cheese.
Finally, the clock struck 10pm and i was finally able to go.
Changed back to my clothes, board the bus and came home.
Now my whole body is aching, i'm growing fatter and fatter day by day ._.
Aren't working people supposed to lose more weight?
But i guess it results to nothing but aching while i eat KFC everytime i work -.-