Went out today to Choong's Clinic this morning at 9+am..
Had a hard time waking up, kept snoozing the alarm from 8am till 8.40am ._.
Reached, had the Typhoid vaccination and medical check-up.
Kept on reading the paper stating if i was fit to work carefully..
I got the paper, took bus 31 to Kallang mrt and train-ed to Dhoby Ghaut mrt.
On the way i was still thinking about the paper..
Met with Phyllis at the mrt, read book while waiting for Shannen to arrive.
Went Plaza Sing, showed the paper to them.
Apparently, i was right, LOL.
The boxes for:'Any abnormality detected in heart/lungs/abdomen/urine' were all ticked o_o
This means i got heart/lungs/abdomen/urine problem?!
But during the check-up the doctor even said I'm okay :O
Weird huh, gonna go earlier tml to ask the doctor before work!
Yeah, so bought tickets, ate lunch, walked walked, watched Gokusen!
Quite nice, but i never watch the drama series, not as touching.. :O
After the movie, we walked around while Phyllis bought her brother Bday present,
bought Strawberry sundae to eat, and now I'm only left with $8 D:
I wonder when will i get my pay.. :B
HAHA, there's band tml from 9am-1pm!
Yay, i don't have to rush from band straight to work :D
Ah, I'm also gonna get my book on either 14/15dec :D:D