Sleepover/ Band/ Home

HELLO! I just woke up haha, yeah it's now 3.20am!
& I've just slept from 1+pm after band till now(:
Was too tired not sleeping after the class sleepover and going band..
That's why i just headed for bed after band once i came home and boom!
Slept for 14hours straight, and i can't go back to bed now :O
Okay, Friday was the last day of school..
Forgotten what we did in class, after school had Student Council meeting.
After that rushed home and prepared like mad as I was running late,
then suddenly say there was a change of time and plan.
At last Shuting, Shannen, Yu yue and me waited at cityhall mrt for 1+hour -.-
Then they finally came and went together to Sheryl's house @ Kembangan.
It was damn big sioh, everything's so cool! :D
Was quite bored there, people were waiting to play guitar heroes,
so i just ate and slacked around, talked abit with Ms Cheng and Mdm Chua.
Soon they left.. Then around 10.30pm, those not sleeping over went off..
Wanted to play bball but reached there and there was no light and stuff.
Went back to Sheryl's house, grabbed wallet, jacket and went off to drink something.
Together with Shuting and Yu yue, we walked down the street,
until it was raining and we settled at a Indian coffee stall.
Ordered drinks and some food, Yu yue went to pay for it, telling us she went toilet.
=_= I will treat her back next time, thanks!
Then we just chatted there, until Shannen sms-ed to say there were sleeping.
Went back at 1am+ and only left Alvin, Shannen, Phyllis still playing the Xbox.
They say can't play guitarheroes already cause Sheryl's parents complain.. :O
So we just plugged in the guitar and bass and on to the lowest volume.
Suddenly alot people woke up and wanted to play..
They played awhile and went to sleep, then we continued playing :D
Played till either guitar/bass no more battery and was around 4+..
Packed the house a little, and put jackets on people..
Slowly one by one woke up and play again.
Then just waited for Shuting(bath very long!) and bathed.
Helped prepare breakfast by washing a little and ate.
Soon after, left for school together with Shuting, Shannen, Phyllis and Yu Yue.
Waited for band to start, went for sectionals..
Was too tired during sectional and i slept for 17mins before Jason woke me. :X
Went back to bandroom at 10.45am and i was tired again..
It was so comfy :O gotten new pieces and had to sightread.
Eyes were very tired and heavy, everytime Mr Samuel was teaching other section,
i practically fall asleep after closing my eyes to take a rest.
Finally band ended after a long fallout..
Came home immediately and slept(:
Eating chicken rice now(don't know if it's spoiled-.-), hungry~