Band & Work

Okay, so I'm back from band and work, super tired.
Almost didn't want to wake up again, but still did.
Bathed, got ready and daddy sent me to school, lol.
Had band, sight-read two pieces, one of them was 'Jericho'.
I suck :( couldn't follow the many many running notes and so.
But Mr. Samuel say most probably it will be our choice piece for SYF,
and the running notes can be solved, only that our brass has to be powerful :O
I don't want! It doesn't sound really nice .___. I want merry widow, hahaha.
During work today i was like damn listless.
Lucky my partner was so kind to cover up for me alot of times while i just spaced out there, HAHAHA. I did 1 meltz today by myself when she was not around!
Mdm say i could learn to make burgers today but it didn't happen, again ):
Finally, it was time to go home. Changed and waited for a colleague who lived at
the same area also. Boarded bus together and came home :D
And i just found out that my roster is not fixed one!
I'm working on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat this week!
Actually i planned on exercising tomorrow due the excessive eating of eats.
But i still gonna work tml! And i think i will be too lazy to go out on Weds ._.
Ahahaha. I wanna eat ice-cream. There's class outing for 6love(2007) & Faith2-2's!
Wonder if i can make it since my roster is not fixed now :O