Bah, back from another day of band and work, tired eh.
Woke up at 8, prepared and went for band.
Had full band, sectionals from 10.30-11.30, lunch, full band(rehearsal)
Band ended at 3.15pm, was due to start work at 4pm & still hadn't fall out..
Asked matong if i could leave, and finally zhihao let me leave, yay! :D
Rushed, and went to work, was only a bit late, heh.
Then yeah.. Wanted to have fries and a piece of original chicken for dinner.
But after i took the fries, realised there wasn't anymore original D:
However, one of my colleague made me a Zinger burger! HEHE
So i had a zinger burger and cheese fries for dinner, ate till i was super full.
Didn't dare to throw away any food so i forced myself to eat all ._.
Continued work and around 9+, saw my jiejie waiting outside for me, haha.
She bought popcorn to eat! I fry one okay! :D
Work work till 10 then talked with Madam and came home.
Oh and i got my band tee! Yay! :D:D:D:D
But i am wearing the band boots to work at kfc,
and there's mashed of french fries stuck on my boots ._.
Not working this weekend, tml going ahgong jia for ahma's death anniversary,
Sunday gonna have band performance and daddy scared i will get tired out :O
Probably working on Monday, gonna start training on making burgers! YAY!
But i've got to take my injection on that day i guess, damned .______.
Gonna bath now, my face is like damn oily, roar! x.x